To Be Blunt…

Being sick sucks.

I’m sorry … I was taught at a young age not to say the word ‘suck’, but it is totally the only word to describe how I feel right now.

Sucky. Crappy. Dreadful.

And where did this come from? I’ve been taking my vitamins like a big girl every night in hopes of avoiding the sickness, but here I am, two days away from work with a lovely 10:30 am deadline looming tomorrow on my communications plan.

There is nothing fun about being sick. Pounding headache, achy body and ofcourse, there is never anything good on TV when you’re sick.

No reruns of Sex & the City, ‘New Moon’ hasn’t been released on DVD yet.

But here is what has saved me today…

Yes, SJP was on Regis and Kelly this morning … adorable as always. This definitely brought a smile to my face!

And then … Cedric Diggory. Most recently known as Edward Cullen. Thanks in part to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I was able to find a gleam of light in the world of sickness.

The Mr. Goodcents sandwich my husband brought to me at lunch wasn’t half bad either!


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