Etsy Finds of the Week

My back has been in pain the past few days, which is strange because I’ve never been one with back problems. Yesterday at work, I was really starting to feel the pain and the only thing that has really seemed to make the pain go away was by lying flat on the floor.

So before I knew it, there I was. Laying flat on the floor in my office, tweed pants and all. Let me tell you, this really helped! Until my boss walks by (which wouldn’t have been strange except for the fact that she had a board member standing behind her, wondering why he agreed to keep me on the payroll), asking ‘Allyson, are you OK?’ ‘Oh sure, I’m good! Let me get up and get back to work!’

This morning, I tried to Web MD my symptoms and thought that I had a regular cold, and was about to head back to work. But then my mother-in-law walked in (not out of the blue, she had stayed the night for a meeting this morning), told me what she thought was wrong with me, I checked it out, and her guess seemed more correct than mine.

Bronchitis-like symptoms. Cough, congestion in the lungs (which explains the back ache), extremely tired.

So, I stayed home from work today. Sometimes this is not a bad thing, but tonight is our work Christmas party! And I’m missing it… damn my luck!

And yes, you got that entire story to get to the only reason you are really here … the Etsy Finds of the Week!

1) Joe, the plush vintage chenille scottie dog – Seller: leahkl’s shop

  • I am giving you all permission to purchase as many of these fun little guys as you’d like for me when I (or when Matt & I) feel it is time to bring children into this world.
  • I’m serious – they are adorable!

2) Green Amethyst Rock Love Ring in Argentium Silver – Seller: One Garnet Girl

  • I try to not post anything on here that is what I would qualify as expensive (which is usually anything over $50), but this was too pretty to pass up!
  • I recommend browsing her store because there are LOTS of great pieces – then as soon as you find one that you’d like, copy and paste the URL into an e-mail to your husband/boyfriend/dad/loved one and beg your little heart out for this wonderful Christmas gift!
  • My email was sent a bit ago…

3) Pillow – Christmas Tree Forest – Seller: Allisa Jacobs

  • Oh, Christmas decor! How I love thee! And I checked this seller’s status and she can still get you this pillow in time for Christmas.
  • Just in case you are my friend, Jenna, and buy these things immediately after I post them! 🙂

And that is all I have for you today, folks! I’m not planning on taking a week off in regards to this regular post. BUT I will be on my way to Illinois at this time next week … for my first Christmas away from home. A bit nervous, luckily I will have a 1-month old there experiencing his first Christmas as a new member of the family, also. So he and I will be hanging out!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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One response to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jenna

    Hey, I’ve only done that once. Or twice. Hmm …
    I love Joe!
    FEEL BETTER, sickly one! That DOES suck.

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