I am 27. At this point in my life, one would think that believing in Santa, eight flying reindeer, little elves, the North Pole (well, Santa’s North Pole), Santa’s infamous Snow Globe room (what – you didn’t know about that?)  would be a bit beyond my age.

I’m not saying that I honestly believe that Santa arrives at my house every Christmas Eve to deliver my presents and eat the cookies and drink the milk set out for him on the special red plate. I don’t.

But I feel that by saying I don’t believe in any of these things removes something that I hope to hold on to for a very long time.

It’s called imagination.

This time of year is my absolute favorite … it’s almost like there is something in the air (other than frigid temperatures)! People are a bit more chipper and would probably have a little kick in their step if they didn’t think people would look at them differently. I know I wouldn’t … I would kick right along with them!

There is snow (or freezing rain, which is all I got yesterday when the huge blizzard came through – it always goes North of Wichita – what’s the deal!), cute coats and scarves, Land’s End snow boots, Douglas Fir Christmas trees, hot chocolate, Hazel Pollett look-a-like Christmas cookies, shopping, Christmas music and Christmas movies.

Christmas movies are classics. You have Christmas Vacation, White Christmas, Home Alone, Rudolph and my all-time favorite, A Muppet Family Christmas (which can’t be found on DVD, only VHS, so if you have a VHS player, I highly recommend this classic! Sidenote: this is NOT the same thing as a Muppet Christmas Carol, as my husband accidentally made the mistake of purchasing last year – he tried!).

Last night, after Matt and I purchased our fragrant Douglas Fir Christmas tree from the lovely Dillon’s grocery store, we arrived home to ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’, which just happens to have music from my favorite Christmas soundtrack. At the conclusion of Charlie Brown was an animated Christmas short film, titled ‘Prep and Landing’.

It was a 30-minute flick that focused on the jobs of elves on Christmas Eve. These certain elves were on the prep and landing team, which arrived at every house Santa was visiting prior to his arrival to check  the house over, make sure the cookies didn’t have nuts in them, made sure there were no awake humans and then guided Santa and the reindeer in for a safe landing.

Wayne the Elf

I watched and laughed at the entire show, while Matthew twiddled on his computer. At the finale of the show, I turned and told Matt how adorable the show was! He smiled at me and went on with his business.

Later as I was thinking about that exact moment, I realized that it is this time of year when my imagination gets a jolt. Because of films like ‘Prep and Landing’. I am reminded that one is never too old to believe. In fact, Judy the Elf once said…

“You don’t have to see something to know that it’s really there. You just believe it.”

Truer words were never spoken, Judy.

If you get a chance, watching ‘Prep and Landing‘. I promise, it will deliver some Christmas cheer!


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