Etsy Finds of the Week

Happy Wednesday to all!

As you can see per my blog, it is snowing … yes, Kansas had a blizzard sweep through the plains Sunday night through late Tuesday night. Meteorologists were expecting atleast three inches of snow in Wichita, 9-10 inches in Topeka, very scary conditions.

I can confirm that Topeka, Manhattan, and tiny Chapman, Kansas got HEAPS of snow. I can also confirm that Wichita got nothing. None. Zilch. Who are these meteorologists, where did they get their degrees and how do you they have jobs? If I let people down as much as they do, I’d be out of a job!

So, this is why my blog is snowing. If it can’t be snowing in the real world, it might as well snow via technology, right?

Anywho … here are your ‘Etsy Finds of the Week’ sponsored by me, myself and I.

1) Wooden Owl Ring – Seller: Sora Designs

  • I saw this and immediately thought of my Kappa sisters … since the owl is our ‘mascot’!
  • I wish that I could purchase one for all of you because as the seller’s note says…
  • “Who can resist a cute little owl button?”

2) Letter L Initial Letterpress Note Card Set – Seller: Delphine Studio

  • This letterpress note card set is adorable! I have yet to show my office roommate because she is a letterpress freak and might daydream all day long about letterpress’s if I allow it!
  • These cards are perfect for those that are ‘thank you card’ writers… I’m trying so very hard to become one of ‘those people’. My husband is one of ‘those people’ and I have no idea how he is one of ‘those people’ and I am not!

3) Rhinestone Brooch Headband with Swarovski Crystals – Seller: JMG Jewel Design

  • I am literally drooling over this headband. I am also planning my second wedding in my head (I’m marrying the same man, just having another wedding … that’s in the rules, right?). I am wearing this headband and a JCrew wedding gown. Ahhh… dreams!
  • OR I’m planning my sister’s first wedding. I envision her wearing this headband and a JCrew wedding gown.  Done!

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday… if not, go to and turn on the ‘Vince Guaraldi Trio’ station … it will take all of your cares away!



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2 responses to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jana Milligan

    Hey Allyson!! I stumbled across your blog…how crazy. I had forgotten that you had one! Love the etsy faves! I love that website. I bought hankies for our parents from there with our monogram on them for the wedding and other wedding items! Thanks so much for coming to our wedding! Your mom mentioned to my mom that you weren’t able to make it to the reception-sorry I missed you, but thanks so much for being there! Also, thanks for the “new” pandora station idea! I will have to try it out! Have a great rest of the week and hopefully we will get snow sometime soon 🙂

  2. Jenna

    I think you are a pretty good little thank-you-note-writer … and lucky, lucky Laur to have you plan her wedding … you should probably just go ahead and buy that headband for her!!

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