Astounding Talents are Hard to Come By

Everyone has some sort of talent. Some might not seem as cool as others, though.

Some people are great checkbook balancers. Others have a knack for perfect AP style writing.

I’m great at both of those because a) I never seem to have much money to be balancing and 2) I have my AP Style Book from my sophomore year in college and I will always, always, always refer to it … on a daily basis.

But there are those people in the world that talents astound me.

A few Astounding Talents:

  • Spelling champions
  • Wonderful bloggers who will someday be making millions off of her books (and I will totally try and ride her coattails — “Hey… I used to read your blog religiously …. you grew up in a town 30 minutes away from me … You probably waited on me and my friends at Garfield’s!” )
  • Baseball statisticians (this is a very hard thing to learn!)
  • Funny people (it’s hard to always be on your ‘humor game’)
  • Basketball players
  • Anyone with a creative bone in their body … especially graphic designers … especially my office roommate
  • Musicians
  • Golfers …….. Nah, check that. I mean GolfING – as in the sport – not the athletes. Right now, certain golf athlete(s) are on my poo poo list.
  • Photographers

And now I’d like to expand on the photographer portion of my Astounding Talents list.

Everyone can take a picture. I mean, I can take a picture. But I will never classify myself as a photographer … now this gal, THIS gal is a photographer!

Me & Meg ... as you can see, this photo was not taken by a photographer!

My cousin Megan got into photography in high school … her friends seemed to be her guinea pigs (and of course she had beautiful friends to photograph) and her photos always turned out so wonderfully!

She has now decided to take that wonderful talent of hers and try and make a little money off of it … if only I could do that with my checkbook-balancing and AP Style Book referencing. I believe she has already been a busy bee with clients and my brother actually told me that he has been her ‘editor’, which reminds me… Meg, you’ve GOT to find a new editor! The man works with grass all day long!

I’m so proud of her for taking on this endeavor and I personally recommend her to everyone and anyone to hire as your photographer!

I promise, I am not biased.

Not one bit.

Check out her new blog!



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One response to “Astounding Talents are Hard to Come By

  1. Jenna

    Wow! She rocks. Wish she lived closer.
    AND — I might now be sending you my school papers to look over: all my previous experience is in MLA 😦

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