Etsy Finds of the Week

Hello everyone!

I’m in a bit of disgust with myself. I have not posted a blog in a week … the last post was my Etsy post.

What is wrong with me? You are better than this, Allyson.

I promise to try harder!

For the time being, I’m going to revert back to my three finds … I had only one person respond to the ‘Like/Dislike’ of the format of the last Etsy post. The one person had two votes – she liked it for a few reasons and disliked it for a few reasons. So it ended in a tie. And for now, my tiebreaker is to go back to the old way!

Here we go:

1) Milk Bottles – Seller: A Good Vintage

  • I LOVE these old milk bottles! They’d be fun to use as flower vases in the spring and summer … stick some of the short American Flags on the wooden sticks in them for 4th of July … collect many and use them as decoration in your kitchen!
  • And I’m TOTALLY using the kitchen idea when I get my own house again! 🙂

2) Magnolia Lariat Necklace – Seller: Camla’s Shop

  • Found this necklace as I was browsing this morning and love it! It’s very delicate looking, which means I should avoid it all together since I’m more of a ‘the thicker, the better’ necklace kind of gal!
  • But it’s too darn pretty to pass up!

3) Jute Belt Stripe & Ultrasuede Ribbon Ties – Seller: Jessie Chapman

  • Who doesn’t love natural jute?!
  • Which is why I thought that EVERYONE would love these belts! Very fun and a perfect summer accessory (why on earth I am talking about summer when we are in the midst of one of my favorite seasons is beyond me)!
  • Sidenote: if you are found wearing jute before May 1, I will tease you like I did the scrunchy lady! Just a forewarning!

Tis all I have for you now, me lads. Tomorrow is my last work day for the week … I’m off to Sedan for the evening to see my uncle Blish for the night then back to Wichita Friday to await the plumber.

What joy!

Happy Wednesday to all!


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