Why I have Fallen in Love…

With Twitter.

As you might recall, it was only months ago that I was expressing my confusion to this new social medium called Twitter.

Why on earth does someone need Twitter when if you want to tell someone something, you can text them?

Well people… I was wrong. Twitter is my new best friend.

It is there in my time of need, my time of boredom, when I need comforted, need a good laugh. When I want to know what is going on in the world (the real one and the celebrity one), I turn to Twitter.

So, it does not pain me to tell you what I am doing on this Friday night. Because I am with my best friend (I seem to have alot of them … Matt, Jenna, Pat Green). Plus this best friend doesn’t talk back and let’s met dress it up however I want (as you can see from the paisley background I have given it!).

I’m also tweeting back and forth to my brother who is sitting alone at a bar in Austin watching the K-State basketball game. While I am in the state of Kansas (the state in which Kansas State University is in) and cannot listen nor watch this basketball game. Something is wrong with this picture, don’t you think?!

But all is well … thanks to my new best friend, I can get up-to-date highlights instantly.

As well as drunken tweets from my brother.

Go Twitter!


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