I Get It From My… ???

This weekend, it was brought to my attention something I had never known about myself.

Apparently, I am bossy.

This was brought to my attention not by coworkers or close friends. It was brought to my attention by my family.

Now, I always knew I was a bit of a pushover, as well as a bit gullible, a people-pleaser, a cautious optimist, a worrier, a planner, anal retentive, spoiled, but somehow level-headed.

I just never knew I was bossy.

After giving this some thought, I thought I’d ask someone that had not been apart of the accusing session and get some perspective on the situation.

So I posed the question to my sister, immediately after we picked her up from Kappa to go to the football game, so she didn’t have time to think about anything else.

Allyson: “Lauren, do you think I’m bossy?”
Lauren: “Do you mean right now?”


I tried to relive the past 27 years of my life in my head after hearing this accusation and nothing added up.

I recalled moments of elation when my sister picked the prom dress I told her she should get… because it looked awesome on her.

I remembered the numerous times I told my brother to stop telling his bad jokes because they were just not working… and now, his humor has evolved into something quite funny!

OK… so these are bad examples.

I guess that really, when it comes down to it, the bossiness comes out to only my family, and it is meant with only love. I know if I didn’t tell my sister that if she really wants to come home for Thanksgiving break after her Tuesday 5:30 pm class, she should probably have her bags packed and car ready to go.

I didn’t tell her this because I wanted to be bossy and tell her what to do.

I told her this because I know the child too well. If I didn’t remind her to do this stuff prior, she would finish her 5:30 class, go back to Kappa, take two hours to pack, get in her car, drive to Sonic, get gas and not leave town until 10:30… and not get home until 1:30.

So really, I’m just looking out for her.

And the rest of my family.

Matt told me this weekend that he thought I was the glue of my family.

A very kind thing to say, but I’m not sure I want that riding on my shoulders. It’s quite a task to be the person that holds your family together…  I’d be much obliged if someone else would take on that feat.

But do you trust any of these to be glue:


There’s a reason these people must be bossed around.

And I guess I’m just the person to do it…

After I finish picking up after them, that is.



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4 responses to “I Get It From My… ???

  1. Ashley

    Your bossiness is what we middle children call oldest child syndrome. You can’t be worse than my sister, who was really bossy all the way through high school. Not fun when she’s a senior and I’m a freshman.

  2. Jenna

    Yup, two words: oldest child. Takes one to know one 🙂

  3. Aunt Sally

    I am still laughing!!!!!! Its not only the oldest child but also the only daughters who get to be the “glue”. So, boss on………

  4. Lori

    I being the oldest child totally understand you dearest Ally! Power to you!

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