Etsy Finds of the Week

Good afternoon all!

I’m not gonna lie… my head is pounding and I’m about to fall asleep (I’m trying to ween myself off of the heavy dosage of caffeine I intake daily), but I’m persevering and bringing you my weekly Etsy Finds of the Week!

Like I have said before, I usually pick my Etsy finds the day that I post this… I try to mix it up a bit, but as the colder weather (hopefully sometime soon!) and Christmas season approaches, I find myself leaning more towards the jewelry, scarves, and party attire for fun Holiday get-togethers! So I apologize before-hand if you see a few too many headbands and purses in the coming weeks!

Up first…

1) Goldie-Leather Flower Headband– Seller: LovMeLy

  • I know I have mentioned in previous posts how much I love fashion, but was given the short straw when God gave me my assets. Too much in some places, not enough in others.
  • But it does not stop me from posting these cute finds for all of the adorable people in the world to purchase and wear to their hearts content!
  • And maybe… just maybe, when I return to my blonde form again on Friday, I will find the guts to purchase this and wear it (around my house).


2) JOY Tags – Seller: Jane Says

  • I LOVE Christmas time! I love walking around stores and listening to Christmas music, I love the pine-scented candles I get as gifts, I love just the feeling that is in the air the entire month of December.
  • I also love wrapping paper! Every year, I try very hard to do something different than the previous year’s wrap-job. I walked into Hobby Lobby a bit too late last year or I would have bought them out of their wrapping paper – SO cute and VERY reasonable (if you are searching!).
  • But I found these lovely tags as I was browsing today and will definitely be purchasing for my gifts this year!
  • PS. They are cheap!


3) Twinkle 8×10 Fine Art Print – Seller: Irene Suchocki

  • I am not an arty person. I sure wish that I had an ounce of artiness in my body, but I do not!
  • That is why when I see pictures like this, I think, “Ahh… that looks like beautiful art to me!” because I could actually TAKE a photo like this. I could never pull out the paints and whip out a Picasso. But THIS… this I could do!
  • Plus the twinkle lights make me happy!


And as always, I have about five other things I really, really, really (really, really, really) want to post today, but I will hold out for future Finds of the Week.

Happy Shopping!


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