Old & Boring at 27 (and 28)

Ever since Matt and I made the big move to the east side of Wichita, we seemed to have found ourselves in a funk. It’s like once 6 pm hits, the only thing we know to do is plop down in front of the television for the next four hours.

This was not us before the move.

Before, we would have found something to do. Yes, maybe that something was sitting in front of the computer… but at least the computer was not in the same room as the television. Our current setup has made the living room the computer slash TV slash dining room all-in-one.

What’s funny is that there is PLENTY to do on the east side of town. The good mall is on this side. The great outdoor mall is on this side. The huge movie theaters that you can order dinner at your seat are on this side.

I mean, there are things to do!

But there we sit every night… begging for it to not be a Wednesday night when none of our shows are on TV.

Last night, I remembered a conversation Matt and I had recently had about our lack-of-motivation-to-do-anything evenings that we have become accustomed to. We said we needed to spice it up! Get out of the house! Do something… anything other than plop down and watch TV.

What a phenomenal idea! Even if that meant driving down to the nearest Barnes and Noble and reading every magazine on the rack (and never buying anything)… then we should do it!

I thought last night would be a great night to test this new idea… I remembered that a few Christmases ago, I had bought Matt a few board games – Sorry and Scrabble. Somehow, I had seen into the future, and new that a time like this would arise in our lives when we needed to do something, anything other than plop down in front of the TV every evening.

So downstairs to the basement I went… in search of these unopened board games. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this on my blog yet (because I know I have mentioned it to every person I have talked to face-to-face), but the basement currently serves as the ‘Friends’ closet… you know, the episode where Chandler is dying to get in the unopened closet to see what Monica is hiding and finally when he finds a way to get in to it, he finds it is full of junk that she has just thrown in there.

Yep, that is our basement.

Full of boxes that I refuse to unpack. Decorations, kitchen stuff, the boxes of ‘stuff’ that I don’t know what to do with so it goes in a box, etc.

Anyway, I trudged through all of the boxes in hopes of finding these board games because I was determined that we were not going to spend the remaining two hours doing nothing.

Somehow, I managed to find the unopened Scrabble game, walked upstairs and told Matt we were playing a game. I set everything up and waited patiently for him to finish whatever he was doing on the computer.

While waiting, I flipped on the TV to watch Monday Night Football.

Fifteen minutes later, Matt sits down next to me on the couch, ready to play…. while I was over it.

I said, “Uhh… I don’t want to play anymore.” And without hesitation, he replies, “OK!” And back to the football game we went.

So my attempt at getting us to get out of our funk was put on halt…

Because of the TV.


I think we’re screwed.


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One response to “Old & Boring at 27 (and 28)

  1. Aunt Sally

    You think its bad now, just wait till you have been married 20 years and you don’t even sit in the same room!!!

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