To my fellow blog readers –

Wanted to take this post to ask you to keep the Doty family in your thoughts and prayers.

My best friend Jenna’s grandma, June, passed away this morning in Sedan. They had known for awhile that this day would be coming, but it definitely does not take the pain away.

June was SUCH a great lady! Her and my grandma Dean had become good nursing home buddies over the past months… and my mom always seemed to have great stories to tell about both my grandma and June!

Anyway, the world lost, while Heaven gained, a great lady today. But I can bet you money that she is as happy as a clam right now to be back with her husband, Junior, who passed away four years ago.

You will be missed, June… I hope you left all of your bingo winnings, stuffed animals, and many, many, many trinkets to Jenna!

Let’s make this ‘Hug your Loved Ones’ day!


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