Tummies and Tankinis

It seems that nowadays, I am surrounded by pregnancy. Friend after friend, cousin after cousin, making the phone call to tell me they are expecting or have just had their baby.

And it’s amazing to me.

I have always felt that pregnancy is like an epidemic – kind of like the swine flu (except COMPLETELY different – one is joyful, the other has the name swine flu). Once one person gets it, they all get it.

I should probably have prefaced this with an FYI that I’m not in any way, shape or form, pregnant. It’s just when you’re surrounded by it, what else is there to blog about?!

Since I have been around many pregnant people in my life, I have come to notice a few things: pregnant people talk only about pregnant things and pregnant people love their pregnant bellies.

Not that they shouldn’t! I’d be mighty proud to be toting around an extra human, too! But what makes the pregnant bellies different is that most likely, you would have never seen that person’s belly until now.

OK… that is probably a lie. I’d assume that 90 percent of the female population has put on a bikini in their lifetime and in between the ages of 16 and 23, 98 percent of those bikini-wearing people took pictures of themselves – and their friends –  in their bikini’s.

I was never one of those people. Yes, I’m sure I had some sort of two-piece children’s-wear bikini/swimsuit getup when I was younger, but that is not between the ages of 16-23.

I was not blessed with the perfect figure, like so many of my friends (and younger sibling) were. So when swimsuit season came a callin’… Allyson went a runnin’.

UNTIL they came out with the tankini. The tankini was perfect because it was a two-piece, but it could cover your imperfections without having to move to the old lady swimsuit section. It also gave you full coverage on those scary areas, one of those being the tummy.

Back to the pregnancy and bellies…

As of recently, as I have logged on to Facebook to my daily fill of gossip, random findings, and TMI (too much information), I have come across more and more people taking pictures of their pregnant bellies.

One gal started the day she was found out she was pregnant (she was definitely a bikini self-picture taker) and has progressed until now – six weeks away from her due date (if it was summer –  she would probably put one of her bikini’s on and take a picture of herself and her pregnant belly). Another gal is probably only 20 weeks along, but wants all of us to know and SEE how big her belly has grown in a short amount of time (she also talks about how much apple pie she has ate recently – she should stop blaming the baby for the weight gain).

But as of this weekend, I finally came across a sorority sister that was none too excited about the idea of baring her belly for the “Weekly Belly Shot” photo shoot (you could tell this because of the long shirt and the long face). As I browsed her pictures, I thought to myself, “Hmm… she was probably a tankini girl!”

And really, isn’t what this world is made up of? The bikini girls… and the tankini girls.

I cannot sit here and tell you that I won’t become a belly-baring gal when the day comes that God decides I’m mature enough to handle a child of my own. I hear that some pregnant women become completely different people mid-pregnancy.

But… I can almost guarantee that you will not be seeing many photo albums of me and my belly.

I’m a tankini girl… we hide as much as possible!


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