Etsy Finds of the Week

We are on week four of my once-a-week Etsy finds… I think that if I could blog about all of the wonderful things I find on Etsy, I could do it every day! I even passed on the link to the baby booties from last week to my boss … her granddaughter, Taylor, would look A-dorable in them (she agreed).

I want to note that these ‘Finds’ are given in no particular order and I literally find them (minus one of the items from this week) right before I post – makes it more fun for me! Maybe someday, I’ll do a post dedicated to all of my saved favorite items and saved favorite sellers… it would probably have to be split up into five different posts since there are so many!

Anywho… here we go!

1) Sapphire Blue Teardrop earrings – Seller: countingstitches

  • I LOVE these earrings! I think I would love them more if they were not the antique brass, but more of a silver. And the great thing about Etsy is that all you need to do is ask the seller to switch … and more times than not, they will!
  • These earrings would look fantastic on a certain blonde hair, blue-eyed girl I know… she’s short…chubby cheeks…her smile looks like she belongs to an Asian family (it’s a Hills family thing).


2) All You Need is LOVE Pillow 11×14-in Red – Seller: dedeetsyshop

  • I ran across this shop the other day and it wasn’t even this pillow that caught my eye… it was a linen pillow with a HUGE flower coming out of it -adorable! Unfortunately, not so much my style (just one of those items that you see that you really want, but when you get it – you realize it doesn’t go with anything). I browsed through the seven pages of pillows (there are MANY, many cute ones in the collection!) and found this one that got my attention. There was also a tree pillow and a set of four pillows that spelled out ‘HOME’. Cute!



  • I feel like my aunt Sally and Jenna might fall in love after they click the link above. This seller has found her niche in the art of  sign-making. These signs are SO much fun! I found one in particular that I will be purchasing as a Christmas gift for someone (but since I’m so great at keeping secrets, I will not be telling you which sign it is or who the sign is for!).
  • I chose this certain sign just because we are only three days away from the big event of Halloween. If you hadn’t noticed!


As always, happy Etsying!

Geez, shouldn’t I be getting paid for this?! 🙂



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3 responses to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jenna

    So I took a study break to look at just the first page of the Homespun Raven — and you were RIGHT!
    First I got teary-eyed at the Christopher Robin quote, then I couldn’t believe you endorsed the site at all after I saw the Edward one! Ha! Too bad I prefer Jacob.
    AND, speaking of that, I heard that Taylor Lautner (sp?) and Taylor Swift were spotted on a date? How cute is that? I’m jealous …

  2. Aunt Sally

    You are right!! I love the signs! I wasted plenty of time looking through them. I liked the “No Coffee No Workee”!! Keep the etsy finds coming!

  3. Aunt Sally

    Love the pillows too!! I need more money 🙂

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