Etsy ‘Finds’ of the Week


Has it already been a week since my last Etsy ‘finds’? This has started to become one of my favorite days because it means I get to spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for wonderful knick-knacks to write about! Love it!

First up…

1) Plaid baby booties – Seller: Baby Grin

  • I don’t recall that I have posted any baby gear on my ‘Finds’ of the Week yet, but I must not tell lies to you … The majority of things I have saved on my favorites list are all geared toward the little munchkins! And this product is just one of many…
  • But how adorable are these? I can just picture my baby cousin Stella walking around with these on and I immediately know, without a doubt, that Rachel Zoe would tell her that she looks , “Bananas!” (which is an extreme compliment coming from Rachel Zoe!).


2) 2010 16-month Desk Calendar – Seller: Jelly Beans

  • I received a super-cute desk calendar for Christmas from my BFF a few years ago and it reminded very much of this adorable desk calendar. Listen, if you’re like me and count down the days to your birthday, why not have a cute calendar to count the days on, can I get an Alleluia?! Anyone?
  • OK, maybe it’s just me… 😉 But still… this calendar is VERY cute, very affordable and a great Christmas idea (stolen by me from my BFF).


3) Ethel headband – Seller: LiveInStyle

  • I love fashion. I love (some) trends. I like to piece together classic styles with fun colors (I wear my limey yellow cardigan to death). But it is very unfortunate that I cannot pull off many trends. I don’t say this for you to say, ‘Whatever, Allyson’ or ‘Yes you can! Just try!’. I say it because it is the God-forsaken truth. I love the leggings looks … can I pull it off? I highly doubt it – I could in 1991, but probably not 2009.
  • I bring this up because though I love fashion and trends and putting things together, but can’t wear any of it, my little sister can. It’s totally unfair, but this is what I have been dealt with. So you can imagine that when it is time for me to purchase a gift of any kind for her or when we go shopping together, you can find me either purchasing too much at Forever 21 for her or pushing her to buy the stuff that I know would be adorable on her. As she has gotten older, she has come to appreciate my sense of style… She has also apparently become a thief because I found my black handbag I’d been searching for hanging up in her closet in Manhattan this weekend.
  • TO THE POINT you say… All of this ramble is to discuss his adorable headband I found at ‘LiveInStyle‘. I’m a big fan of the headbands that have come back in to style – the ones with the bows or big flowers attached to them. I could never pull this look off (but my sister most definitely could). At 27, people really would think that I’m 16 and since I complain about this age issue, I’d better stick to clothing that makes me atleast look somewhat my real age rather than 10 years younger.


That is all I have for you this week (not really –  I could add about 30 more to this list, but I vowed to list only three!)… I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I enjoy posting these finds!

Happy Wednesday to all! And early Happy 21st Birthday to my little sister, Lauren… I’m sure you’ll get a post this week dedicated to the young one and the joy that it has been (and patience it has taken) watching her grow up. 😉



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4 responses to “Etsy ‘Finds’ of the Week

  1. Tessa

    I, too, love your Etsy posts! By the way, what about that abstract painter that we discussed?!?!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think I can pull off the super trendy looks either. Maybe we need to just make sure that we always have a pouty look on our faces like the chick in the picture.

  3. Aunt Sally

    Love the jellybean site. Such cute stuff! Keep the Etsy posts coming…………….

  4. Taryn M. Peine

    Ooh I love the headbands. I’m getting one! Thank you for doing this…searching for things on Etsy overwhelms me!

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