From Superintendent to … Bus Driver

My mom would be the first one to tell you that my dad is far from boring.

I would be the second.

Though he does enjoy lounging in his backyard haven, with his cats, Adirondack chairs, chiminea, outdoor speaker sytem, waterfall and cigars, you must understand that before this backyard was a haven, someone had to make it into a haven.

That person was my dad.

My dad loves is anal retentive and, like myself, feels that everything has it’s place. Unfortunately, our little one-car garage – that does not have room for a car – does not allow my dad the needed space to give everything it’s own place. So he wanted a shed.

And he built one. It resembles a miniature red barn with white trim.

Why do I bring up these things up? Because I’m about to tell you what my dad’s future career goal is and I need you to understand that he is a very determined individual who, when he says he wants something, he finds a way to get it.

My dad wants to be a tour bus driver.

I know, I know. You laugh. We all laugh.

But it’s true.

The Superintendent of USD 286 Public Schools will retire in less than two years and be in search of an opening for a tour bus driver position,  a job that he thinks will be a bit of a stress reliever from his days as ‘Mr. Hills’.

And don’t think for one second that he will not try and hard as humanly possible to get one.

My dad recently had his first experience in what tour bus driver might experience after taking the high school and junior high volleyball teams to the Tulsa State Fair last week.

Straight from the driver’s mouth:

“We took the junior and senior high volleyball teams to the Tulsa State Fair last week. We parked where they told us – then they let cars park around us! The driver wasn’t happy!”

Please let the pictures tell the story…


That's pretty close

Fair Tulsa (6)

Fair Tulsa (5)

Fair Tulsa (2)

Fair Tulsa (10)

So… all-in-all, I’m not sure if my dad’s quest to become a Tour Bus Driver started off on a good foot… but I can guarantee you that this will not hold him back.

You cannot stop this man!



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2 responses to “From Superintendent to … Bus Driver

  1. Jenna

    Sedan is USD259 now??
    Does your dad have blond hair in that pic?
    And … hilarious! I’d ride his bus!

  2. Allyson

    My apologies to all… apparently I have USD 259 on the brain. And if that was the case, my dad would be making ALOT more money! Dad… ever thought of moving to Wichita?! 🙂

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