Etsy Finds of the Week

It looks like it’s that time of week again… Everyone gather around for Allyson’s weekly ‘Etsy Finds of the Week’.

My first find of the week is dedicated to none other than the talented Taryn Peine at A Peine for your Thoughts. Not only does Taryn cook, clean, write and tend to her husband and dog, she also has time to start an Etsy site for her new-found love of sewing. I can feel the excitement from all of you!

1) ‘To a T’

  • Obviously my favorite item in this store is the embroidered ‘A’ shirt (see below)… because 1) it’s the letter A and B) the shirt is purple. I do believe that this Boomer Sooner gal (TARYN, not me!!!), has found a love for the great color of the Wildcats! We can only thank her husband for that.
  • Be sure to check out Taryn’s store and support her in her latest endeavour!


2) Fingerless Gloves – From Homelab

  • As you can see from my last blog post, I am in the winter state of mind. I’ve got cold weather (literally cold – we are currently at 42 degrees outside!), I’ve got Vince Guaraldi Trio playing on my computer, and over the weekend, I brought up the winter shoe selection and traded them out for the summer sandals. So what else do I need? I need a pair of cute fingerless gloves, that’s what I need!
  • Homelab has quite a great selection of fingerless gloves… as well as scarves, scarflettes (WAY cute) and shawls. Check her out!


3) Tea towels – From Freesparrow

  • I love tea towels… and not just plain jane (no offense to my grandmother) tea towels. CUTE tea towels. There is an antique mall on the west side of Wichita that my mom discovered a few years back and I started visiting (frequently) when I lived on that side of town. On one of our visits, I dug into a stack of tablecloths to find a wide assortment of tea towels. Since I was about to move into my very own place for the first time, I needed something in my new place to be something that stood out. Why not let it be the tea towels?! I picked out three very fun towels that still currently hang on our oven door.
  • And now that I have explained my life story about tea towels….


Free Sparrow does not have much in her store as of yet… but this tea towels are a good way to start!

I hope you have been able to spend a little time on Etsy and get your bearings. My aunt basically told me that instead of me trying to tell her where  to go and what to look for, she’ll tell me what she wants and I can find it for her.

No sense of adventure, Aunt Sally!

Until next week….



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2 responses to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Aunt Sally

    I beg your pardon!! I have a great sense of adventure, just not time for adventure, at this time.

  2. Taryn M. Peine

    You’re such a doll thank you!!! And I LOVE those fingerless gloves – they’re perfect for my freezing cold office!! I love your Etsy finds!

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