The Scrabble of my Life


I love carbs. I love sandwiches. I love Mr. Goodcents, a sandwich franchise found on the east and west sides of Wichita (also one in Tulsa, a block from the ORU campus).

When Matt and I were Westsiders, you could usually find me in Mr. Goodcents atleast once a week (three times if it was a good week!) and with that kind of patronage, ofcourse the friendly staff knew me by name and by sandwich. In Tulsa, I was teased by Mr. Sandwich Maker because I NEVER switched my sandwich up. But truthfully, I did not care… I wanted what I wanted and he should be happy I was spending my hard-earned ORU dollar there (it helped that they had an ORU discount, something that was VERY hard for me to let go when I moved – and yes, I did say goodbye to my Mr. Goodcents people).

I never found a Mr. Goodcents store that I did not like. The sandwiches were always wonderful and always the same, which is also something I liked, since I’m not big on change.

But since moving to the east side of town, I have been … saddened by my local Mr. Goodcents.

The first time I went in, I ordered the same thing I ALWAYS order – half a turkey on wheat, with pepperjack, lettuce, pickles, salt & pepper, mayo & mustard.

The first bite was good. The second bite was not good. The third got worse.

What was it? How could this sandwich go wrong? I’m a super picky eater, so when I say it smelled and tasted like egg salad, you can’t really take my word for it because I’ve never actually HAD egg salad… but if I had ever tried it, THIS is what I imagine it smelled and tasted like.

I moved on and thought I had to give them another try because I love carbs. I love sandwiches. I love Mr. Goodcents and you don’t just throw  in the towel on anything that is listed as your ‘favorite’ after one mishap.

So I tried again.

And I had the same issue. Egg salad sandwich minus the egg salad.

Well… I still love carbs. And I still love sandwiches, so I have had to transfer my love (until I can get back to the west side for a decent sandwich) to Subway.

I do not love Subway. I do not love their sandwiches. Their bread is too hard. Their sandwiches, too small. And the amount of mayo they put on a sandwich is enough to bring a third world country out of starvation.

But for now… and atleast until October 19, I will go to Subway.

Because it’s Scrabble time!

Whenever you buy a Subway sandwich and drink, your sandwich is wrapped in the normal paper, but it has a code on it. Same with your cup – you pull off the tab to get your code. There is also a second tab to pull off that is the ‘instant winner’ tab – I have only instantly won another sandwich, which is fine with me!

You take your codes to and enter them to find out your ‘letter’ to play on your Scrabble game. When I started playing in early September, I was given the letter ‘D’. When looking at the Scrabble board, they already have a few letters filled in for you. You just have to finish off the word to win the prize. There is a new car, money, gift cards, etc. My letter ‘D’ went to the word ‘ISLAND’ which could win a Beaches vacation! Since that day back in September, I have added three letters to that word and am waiting on ONLY the letter ‘S’ to win my vacation!

I would think it’s a stretch to think that I could win… but everytime I sign-in to play my letters, a little lady pops up on my screen saying she won a Beaches vacation just for eating at Subway… and she is from Caldwell, Kansas.

Caldwell, Kansas. Population 227.

I can win this!

So… I have until Oct. 18 at 1 a.m. to get the final letter to my puzzle.

I have 13 days until I stop eating at Subway.

I love carbs. I love sandwiches. And because of this, I will WIN a Beaches vacation.

I knew that this love was for something… not just added pounds!


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One response to “The Scrabble of my Life

  1. Lori

    Ally, Caldwell actually has 1,200 people in our little town. Jennifer Brown has two boys, one in Daniels class, the other in Wills class. They are one of their BFF’s. They are avid KSU fans too! She one on only collecting 3 scrabble tiles. So, anything is possible. When you when your trip for 4, I hope that your Auntie Lori will be one those lucky few that you take. Love you!

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