Not cancellation.

Our birthday trip to NYC has been postponed until a later date.

Yes, I’m bummed… BUT I’m happy that we WILL be going in the future and hopefully we will be able to go longer than just two days. I’m not sure if I can do a city like that in only two days!

Reasons for postponement: Matt and his buddy who currently have a rental property and flipping another recent purchase apparently have less time than they thought to finish their current home. Their construction loan is up pretty soon, so they will need to be working on that this weekend to finish it in time.

Yes, poor planning on our part… but truthfully, I’m more bummed about being by myself on my birthday than the postponement of the trip. Matt left this morning for a work trip and won’t be back until Wednesday night around 10ish.

Luckily for me, I said ‘yes’ to working the Newman volleyball game that night. I requested a Coke and a hot dog as my birthday dinner – they told me they thought they could handle that!

So… most likely we will be spending the weekend in Wichita, listening to the Cats on Saturday and hopefully going out for drinks with Chad and Nicole Saturday night.

All is well and like I said, the trip is not cancelled, just postponed until a later date. 🙂

A few sidenotes…

I’m currently watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ on TBS. What a great movie! And to know that my hometown has the longest yellow brick road in the world makes the movie feel just a bit more special!

Secondly, those who have not heard the news yet, my cousin Jack is getting married! I’d say it’s the shocker of the year since I didn’t even know he was seriously dating someone until last week! I’m very happy for him and just hope that he prepares his fiance for the first meeting with our family. Apparently she has a rather small family, so meeting a group of 30+ loud, story-telling, beer-drinkers might be a lot to her!

Happy Sunday to all… Here’s to a good (and quick – except for Wednesday 😉 ) week!



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2 responses to “Postponement

  1. Ashley

    I know that I will have to prepare someone for 30+ people who are loud and love to drink, so I know how that goes.

  2. Jenna

    Oh no. I’m so sorry 😦

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