Save Dog’s Life: Check

I began my Wednesday evening like so many other evenings.

I drove home from work. I stopped and picked up the mail. I went inside the house. I fed the dogs that would not stop barking until they had food in their bellies. I tranced up the stairs to find walking attire, attired myself, then went to grab the IPod and headphones and out the door I went.

Though this normal evening did have one sidenote that would end up being a big sidenote as my evening progressed.

After I stopped to pick up the mail, I noticed a “LOST DOG” poster attached to the mailbox. All I remember thinking is, “This only has phone numbers listed and the name ‘CALVIN’… is the owner Calvin? Is the dog Calvin? If I did find this dog, do I call and ask for Calvin?” I moved on with my normal evening because there was really a 1/100 chance that I would run into the lost dog (possibly named Calvin).

Back to the evening…

I began my walk around the streets of ‘Teal Cove’, listening to some lovely Norah Jones, when I rounded the corner to see a dog sitting on the sidewalk. I kept walking, and he kept staring at me. I slowed down a bit, tried to smile at him, while continuing to walk to the nearest mailbox.

Low and behold… the picture matched the dog. I continued to smile and stare at him (as he did me – minus the smile) and pray to God that this dog (possibly named Calvin) did not take off. I’m not a runner, which automatically means I’m not a fast runner so if his idea of fun and games was to sprint off thinking I would chase after him, he had another think coming.

Luckily, I reached someone at the home, who did tell me that the dog’s name was Calvin (what a relief!), they asked where I was (which is still hard to explain to people since I barely know where I am!) and said they were on their way.

I followed ol’ Calvin until a van stopped to ask if that was the missing dog, which I informed them it was. I turn my head for one second and Calvin, apparently the fastest dog alive, was already gone! Shamefully, and embarrassed the entire time, I started to quickly jog as fast as I could to see where in the world Calvin “Hussein Bolt” had ran off to.

Luckily, I didn’t run far as Calvin was just resting on a neighbor’s cement patio. As the dog’s owners approached, off Calvin went… again.

And ofcourse, since he’s the fastest dog alive, by the time they reached me, rolled down their windows, and introductions were made, Calvin was long gone! I told them I knew he went back behind some houses, so the passenger jumped out and off we went to search for Missing Dog Calvin.

The man told me that they had just got the dog from the pound and that he would not come to him (which really made me ponder why they sent him to help me catch the dog… because Calvin was definitely not coming to me, either – I had tried. Apparently Calvin doesn’t like blondes). He said he would definitely come to his wife… The problem was that we could not explain to his wife where we were at! We were walking behind houses (I passed mine and also heard Wrigley and Bob at the fence barking at us) by power lines and through lots of weeds.

We did see ol’ Calvin though. And he saw us, too. He kept turning around and looking at us, then turning right back around and going on his merry way.

Somehow, someway, the owner’s wife found us (seriously, I have no idea how!) and caught up to us and as soon as she did, we could see Calvin hanging out down by a creek. As soon as she started yelling his name, his ears perked up and he immediately started running to her.

It was a very ‘Chariots of Fire’ moment … Calvin the dog, sprinting to his owner, happy to find someone to give him food. The owner, so happy to see this furry creature who could win the 100-meter dash in 3.4 seconds.

Welcome Home, Calvin!

Welcome Home, Calvin!

After a hug, a thank you for answering their prayers (I’ve never heard those words uttered to me) and a goodbye, I went back towards the road to continue my walk.

As I turned back down the street to head back to my house, the owners and Calvin were driving by, but before they made their way out of ‘Teal Cove’, they slowed down to give me a big wave. I waved back, with a grin on my face, happy to know that I helped make someone’s day a little brighter.

I proceeded to continue my leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Ofcourse, it was with a little more pep in my step! I followed the walk with a dinner that included a big bowl of of chili and frito chips.

And I didn’t care that the food I was importing into my body was not good for me. It didn’t matter… I could eat whatever I wanted.

Because I had found Calvin!


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  1. Aunt Sally

    Congrats for finding Calvin! No reward?? What a drag. I really love the pic of the dogs noses! Never change it!!!! Makes me smile!!

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