Report on Roberto

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have changed my picture header.

And I know you’re probably asking yourself this question but no, I did not have them pose for this picture.

This is what I come home to every day.

What’s funny about this picture is that though it looks like they are the saddest, most deprived dogs in the world, they really are far from it. No, we don’t take them on as many walks as we should, but there are reasons for that:

  • Bob can only walk so far before he has either a) found something to sniff and literally won’t move or b) he just won’t move in general.
  • Wrigley still pulls you on walks… Whoever told me that once he turned two, he would change drastically, was very mistaken.
  • They have the biggest playground to play in all day and all night long right at the tips of their paws.

It has been a new experience with having two dogs. As you all know by now, Bob is not ‘our’ dog… he is my brother Jordan’s dog. My brother moved to Austin for an internship at a golf course and has been living with my cousins. The original goal had been for him to complete his internship, find a full-time job and an apartment for his beloved basset hound to journey South to a new home.

A few months have passed (and by few, I mean four) since Bob graced us with his presence. Since then, we have forced him to live outside, eat only once a day, find a way to survive with a dog that is two bodies bigger than him, moved him across town, and made him sit in his kennel in the back of the car on road trips back to Sedan, rather than the comforts of the front seat.

To say he was went through alot is a true statement. I’d like to say that he has adjusted completely and is loving his new life.

Some days are better than others:

  • He does alot of whining if he knows you are home and have not come out to greet him yet.
  • He still jumps up on you, I assume to let you know that he might be small, but he is still there.
  • When he is mad at you, he still sits low to the ground and barks at you…
  • And I’m sure if we were nice, he’d love to still have three helpings of food a day.

Matt and I get a good laugh out of him everyday. I have found a new joy in chasing him around with this large plastic tube in the backyard… it freaks him out and he just hops (yes, he hops!) around the yard until I stop (yes, I know I need to get a life… ).

I also think that Wrigley has adjusted to him.  Bob has finally stopped biting Wrigley’s ears, getting mad at him when he gets near his food, and just being an a-hole in general. Bob HATES it when Wrigley is not in his sight. In fact, the howl that comes from him when they are separated sounds like someone is dying a slow, painful death. So we have learned to not separate them…

I’m sure someday Bob (or Robert as I always call him) will return to his rightful owner.

And I’m sure that someday the peace and quiet of owning only one dog, a pretty quiet dog, will be nice.

But for now… we are actually enjoying having our ‘nephew’ around. We hope that he has learned a few things over the last few months…

We also hope that his dad wants him back! 🙂



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2 responses to “Report on Roberto

  1. Jenna

    Last time I saw Bob, he was short, but there was not much about him that was small …

  2. I bet when Bob moves back in w/Jord, Wrigley will actually be sad for awhile. Also, have you tried a spiked collar on Wrigley? It’s the only thing that keeps Brinkley from ripping my arm out of its socket on walks when a bunny hops by. I swear that it’s no inhumane.

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