Only nine days until my birthday…

It’s countdown time, folks!



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2 responses to “P.S.

  1. Aunt Sally

    Toes are crossed for selling the house! I seriously love the pic of the dogs noses peeking out!!

  2. Tessa

    The city bus tour is the BEST way to see the city in a short amount of time! We did that the first time I went and I highly recommend, especially if you get a good tour guide.

    I really loved Greenwich Village and would like to spend more time there and in Soho (we didn’t make it to Soho on this trip). Cute, but expensive shops, quaint neighborhoods and just a little more trendy. I also loved Central Park. I hear they have a movie walking tour where you walk all around the park and they show you where different movies were filmed. It sounded like fun but we didn’t know exactly which day we’d be going, so we didn’t book it. I think there is a Sex and the City tour as well that probably goes to Greenwich Village that you might look in to. If it were me, I would spend your Saturday in these places.

    Are you going to a show? I HIGHLY recommend Wicked if you can get tickets!! I’ve also heard Jersey Boys is excellent.

    I wouldn’t waste any of your time at the museums, unless that is really your thing. In my opinion, it took a lot of time that I would have rather spent elsewhere (we only went to one).

    You will have a blast!!

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