My Choice

Yesterday afternoon, I held another Open House for our little home on Bristlecone.

Our first Open House was pretty slow… but we had shown the house pretty regularly during the week, so it didn’t bother me too much. Showings for the house had slowed a bit though the past few weeks, so I thought another Open House might just spark up some curiosity!

The Open House was scheduled from 2-4 p.m. and right at 2 o’clock, the doorbell, it was a’ringing!

AHA! First prey of the day! What a glorious idea to hold an Open House!

In they came, and by 2:10, out they went. Nice couple, not seriously looking. Just searching for a place with a big backyard for their children… their four tiny dogs.

They leave and any minute, I expect the next eager buyer to approach the doorstep.

30 minutes later, I’m getting out my checkbook to start balancing it. You know your day is going down the drain when it comes to checkbook balancing.

Low and behold, at 2:45, there is a knock at the door.

In comes my second and final couple of the day. The couple that I decided should be the next owner of my house!

They come in and immediately, the wife starts telling me that this is their dream home (the one thing that a seller LOVES to hear!) and how she looks at it online all the time (In the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “So she is the one that has viewed the house 233 times on…” ).

I tell them to take their time looking around and if they have any questions, just let me know!

And off they went… Into every room of the house with a giddy grin and exuberant cheer coming from the mom after each knook and cranny had been discovered. When she walked into the garage, I thought that maybe she had just spotted a million dollars. But no, it was just the size of the garage.

They walked around a few times, hung out in the basement, stopped and talked to me, asking questions, telling me their ‘story’.

I didn’t realize until that moment that I DO care who buys my house.

I want someone that is absolutely in love with it! I want someone that is going to take great care of it! I want someone that will be able to keep the floors clean 24/7!

And this is the couple I want to buy my house!

I know that I can’t really handpick the next owner, but… this is who I want to buy my house!

Before they left,  they wished me luck on selling the house… but not too much luck because they want it!

As always, I am not getting my hopes up. I stopped doing that about four years ago, but I will be grinning from ear-to-ear with excitement on the inside. Seriously, it’s hard NOT to do that after that kind of home-showing.

I have read my St. Joseph’s prayer the past few nights and took it to church with me yesterday to read. I’m really hoping ‘ol St. Joe really helps us out on this one!

So say a little prayer for us… and maybe keep a pinky toe crossed for us, too!



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2 responses to “My Choice

  1. Ashley

    I love the picture with the dogs noses! Have fun in NYC and good luck selling the house!

  2. Taryn M. Peine

    I love your new header! I’m so going to care who buys our house. I’m in love with it! I remember when we sold the house I grew up in, we came back and they had painted all the exposed brick white! I cried. I hope this couple pulls the trigger!

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