Never too Old…

If this was in a beer mug, it would be way more me!

If this was in a beer mug, it would be way more me!

I’m a fan of birthdays.

This is not a shocker to those that have known me for the past 2-26.87 years of my life.

Usually at the start of September (and in some years, even BEFORE September), I would start counting down the days until my birthday. I even came up with a catchy phrase for anyone who asked me when my birthday was, if they were an unlucky one who didn’t already know.

“Last day of September; easy to remember.”

And if they replied, “September 31st?”, I immediately turned, walked away and wrote that person off for the rest of my life.

People tell me that when you’re older, you start to hope people forget your birthday. My cousin Seth even told me once that the only exciting thing to look forward to after the age of 25 was death.

Huh… wonder how your children and wife will feel after they read that?!

Anyway, I have never believed any of those naysayers. Birthdays are the one day a year that is totally yours (unfortunately while I was still in elementary, I also had to share that day with the superintendent and the lunch lady whose birthdays also just happened to fall on that glorious day).

When I was younger, birthdays were always celebrated with a birthday party with the friends and always a birthday party with the extended family on the weekend. A few years back, I had a slew of old home videos transferred onto DVD’s so those memories weren’t destroyed by age. After watching all seven of these DVD’s, the event that seemed to happen on regular basis were the family birthday parties.

As hilarious as they are, it defintely puts into perspective how much I have aged since those days. Gifts I received back then probably wouldn’t excite me as much as they did back then (I definitely had some exciting screams for a Precious Moments bible) — or maybe they do! I really am hoping for a new bicycle for this upcoming birthday, but preferably not one with a banana seat!

I’m pretty sure that not once during those filmed birthday parties did I ever imagine this time in my life. College graduate, master’s degree to boot, married, full-time job… Ofcourse, I didn’t think of things like that! I was too excited about the new Ace of Base tape.

Who wouldn’t be, right?

The big 2-7 will roll around in less than 15 days and I’m just as excited about it as I was back in the day. I might not keep a running countdown on my bedroom door like I did in college, but I do constantly remind my husband. He decided that the only way to shut me up about it was to take me to NYC as a birthday present.

I guess that’s cool.

It’s no bible or tape… but it’s cool.


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  1. Lori

    Go see St. Patricks Cathedral!

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