Gary Clark

Those that know me, know that I have a love for cheerleading and dancing. Most memories that my friends equate to me relate to dancing. I still choreograph dances for the Sedan cheer squads (stay tuned for those for the Fall). And I have repeatedly said that my children will all (male or female) be taking dance classes (this does not fly with my husband… ever).

So when I received this e-mail from my sister, the subject line reading, “What Matt and Allyson kids will be doing by the age of 6”, my first thought was that it was a picture of two children being bums on separate couches, since that is usually where you can find Matt and I nowadays.

Instead, it was this.

I admit, I definitely got a good laugh out of this! And personally, I did hope that maybe it might come true?! Sure, my son can also be a football stud, MVP on the basketball team and throw a no-hitter in the finals of state baseball… but can’t he also be an incredible dancer?

Judging by this kid’s moves, he definitely reminds me of Matt.


Oh… and why Gary Clark, you ask? Well… when Lauren was living with us, we all became addicted to MTV’s “16 & Pregnant” TV show. Our favorite episode was with Amber and Gary… just because Gary was a complete mess, but in a hilarious sort of way.

This is Gary.

This is Gary.

Somehow along the way, it was decided that our first boy was going to end up with the name ‘Gary’… hence Gary Clark… Gary Clark, the famous dancer. 😉


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