Kappa Recruitment from a Seasoned Vet

I have had a few people ask me how Recruitment went this year at K-State… and since my former roommate slash little sister just went through the process, I thought it might be entertaining if she gave us all a play-by-play of Recruitment 2009.

I’m not gonna lie… when I asked her to do this, I expected her to take a week to respond to the request and then she would send me two paragraphs. You can imagine my excitement when she called me a few hours later to tell me she had just sent me the info… and it was an entire Word document, pictures included!

The child surprises me every day.

So… for your enjoyment.

K-State Recruitment by Lauren Ann Hills

So we just finished the 2009 recruitment process and I, unlike my sister, have never been so happy. Even though I am so excited to be a part of choosing new girls to join our house, it is so stressful that I could hardly stand it at times. We ended up with 46 new baby Kappa’s and they are all adorable!!

            Work week started on Tuesday the 11th and rush officially began on the 17th. On Monday, the first day of recruitment, the theme was K-State. Very simple. So purple, black and white was our attire, shown in the picture with my roommates and a few other friends. We went back to the old way and had round one done in two days. So, the first day we ran 7 parties and the second day we ran 8. Ugh. (Sidenote Allyson: This is ACTUALLY how Lauren talks… )


The second round, which was House Tour day, we wore bright sundresses and everyone looked cute and colorful. We also showed a short 5 minute video that everyone loved. Although everyone’s feet were killing them after 8 more parties by the end of the day, it ran very smooth.

On Thursday, the third round, we were down to 5 parties and it was philanthropy day so we all dressed up in our black dresses and were allowed a “flare”. We showed a video on this day as well. It was about 15 minutes long and gave me goose bumps every time I watched it, it was one of the best videos I have ever seen. After all the parties were finished, this was about the time when everyone was starting to go a little crazy. There was some drama that was started by the seniors, but that is a loooong story. Selection meetings were taking around 4-5 hours when they should take no longer than 2, and people were starting to get angry with each other, myself included. This year we started doing our voting electronically. We were each given a clicker and as every name popped up on the screen we would place our votes. It was meant to save time and money, since we probably spent about $500 on paper during rush it seemed like.

And finally it was pref day/bid day. We started around 8:30 in the morning and everyone looked so great in the white dresses. We only had 3 parties this day so it was like a piece of cake by then. There were lots of tears shed, yes I cried, was not going to.  So, we were all finished around noon and then it was time to write down our personal votes. After that we all met and did the final voting that took about 30 minutes and then it was time to sit and wait.


            We all met back at Kappa at 7:30 and headed to Anderson Hall to pick up our new babies! Dean Bosco and President Schultz brought us all to Anderson lawn for the first ever gathering there. They both gave great speeches, telling us how our greek system at K-State is the best in the nation, which I definitely agree with. A band played while we waited for the girls to open up their bid cards and then around 8:30 it was time to see them. There was a tunnel for them to run through and the announcer would call out random sororities and every house took off to meet our new members. It was very exciting and emotional. So we all walked back to the house, had some snacks, a rally, a dance party, and then the night was over.




            We woke up to take bid day pictures at 9 am, the new members in white dresses and the actives in black. Then we all went to get dressed for our funny pictures. The freshman chose to do togas, the sophomore were sexy nerds, my class dressed as housewives as you can see in the picture, and the seniors were grandmas (very originalJ).


            So, after all the early mornings, late nights, drama, and kogs, we were all done.  I absolutely love our new pledge class and I believe they are a great addition to our wonderful house!


I hope that you all found that as entertaining as I did…

And many snaps to Lauren for coming up with so many words!




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3 responses to “Kappa Recruitment from a Seasoned Vet

  1. Jenna

    Wow … go Laur! One question (in regards to the first picture) : does she have something against brunettes??
    Either way, I am so glad it went well!!

  2. Randi

    Aww…thanks so much for posting this! And I’m glad we didn’t have 4-5 hour selection mtgs! So fun to hear how things are going at Gamma Alpha:)

  3. I, too, wondered if Kappa has specifically been discriminating against brunettes. Lots of blonds and red heads!

    What room is Lauren in this semester?

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