Once upon a time…

In a land not so far away, lived a little blonde girl who repeatedly told herself that she would not need to hold onto any boxes or newspaper or bubblewrap after her yearly move because this was the year that she would stay in one place.

Low and behold, and to the surprise of no one, the little blonde girl, who had dreamt of living in the same place for longer than a year, moved.


I know, I know… quite a shocker there! It seems that I am physically unable to live in one place for longer than 365 days. Though I did know this day was coming for awhile. Matt and I have been talking about moving since… well, basically since I moved into the house on Bristlecone.

What is Bristlecone, you ask? Well people… Bristlecone is the street that I have lived on for the past year and the street that Matt has lived on for the past three. Originally, the house on Bristlecone was to be a one-and-done deal. Matt, and two of his buddies, had the house built in 2006, with an unfinished basement. The original plan had been for the boys to finish the basement and in a year’s time, turn around and sell it.

As you can see, that plan failed miserably… that is why I made Bristlecone my permanent residence last summer. The two roomates moved out, I moved in, and the project house fell on to the laps of the newlyweds.

It has been quite a transformation… as well as a test of strength. I think that God looked down on me one day and said, “Allyson, your test for this first year of marriage is to see how long it takes you to take the hammer that you have been using in the basement to your husband.”

God, I prevailed.

The basement is in its final stages of completion – Matt still needs to stain the bathroom cabinets and finish one more small task to the bar, and we will be finished. I really think it looks great and hope that it is a nice selling point when we put the house on the market next week…

We have temporarily moved into Matt’s mom’s house on the east side of Wichita. After two nights, we have decided that we were most definitely spoiled, living in a three-year-old house compared to a 20-year-old house!

Besides the big move, we are also saying goodbye to our summer roommate. Lauren moves back to Manhattan tomorrow. I’m sad, but I can most definitely say that husband is distraught. I’m pretty sure he and Lauren have become BFF’s over the past few months. I keep telling her that we don’t want her to leave because we won’t know how to act around each other when it’s just the two of us! We will be at most, if not all, the K-State football games this year so they will get more quality time in. Last year, Matt would have been saying, “Allyson, we can’t afford to drive to Manhattan every weekend.” But now, even though we probably still can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter because he will get to see his BFF. 🙂

Anywho, keep your fingers crossed for us – we will put the house on the market next week and we hope that it sells quickly. Mama needs a new pair of shoes…

I’d also settle for some new flip flops at this point.


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  1. Aunt Sally

    Too funny!! Thanks for the good laugh.. 😉

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