First in Line…

To buy these shirts!


Though they won’t be available at Nordstrom’s until mid-October (and not available for pre-sale until October 1), I guarantee you that I will be purchasing one of each.

A ‘Team Edward’ shirt for myself and a ‘Team Jacob’ shirt for Jenna.

Obviously, we know that ‘Team Edward’ is victorious in the end (sorry Jenna), but how hysterical for two 26-year-olds to be walking around proudly with these on.

What am I saying? I’m sure when I’m 46, I’ll be telling my children about Twilight and my fireplace mantle will resemble something like this.

Dig it!

Yep, that’s for real!

And on that note…

Go Team Edward! 🙂



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2 responses to “First in Line…

  1. Jenna

    Boo! Jacob Rulz 4ever.
    You know I’ll totally wear that shirt, too.

  2. Sydney K

    Jenna is right. Go Jacob!!!

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