Triggering Memories

It’s strange the way that certain people trigger random memories.

My Grams was/is quite the character. I have always liked to believe that my smart-ass sense of humor came from her! But I have great memories from my childhood that relate to my grams.

For starters, board games. My parents, siblings and I never were big board game or card game players (other than a good game of Candy Land there and now!), but when we went to my Grams and Papps’ house, break out the games!

Like I mentioned in my last post, we played lots of Racko. We also played Sorry, Ants in the Pants, and a mean game of Go Fish. On top of that, we also played some pool and ping-pong, some basketball (my Grams taught me how to dribble between your legs – which basically meant lifting one leg off the ground, dribbling in between, then lifting the other leg off the ground… she had great technique!), wiffle ball, etc.

When I would stay the night with Grams and Papps, I would get a room to myself, which always made me feel very grown up. At the end of the bed was the luggage rack (which now resides in the comforts of my own home), which I ofcourse felt was necessary to use. In the mornings, she’d have a bowl of cereal for me, with a little pitcher of milk set next to it so I could as much or as little milk in the bowl as I’d like.

How considerate for a 9-year-old!

We also watched alot of TV at my grams’ house. I remember Saturday nights with the Hills family, after a big dinner, watching Hee-Haw. I also remember some Lawrence Welk. God, there was some great TV back in the day!

There was also the numerous hours of movie-watching that took place. And always the SAME movies.

We watched countless hours of Winnie the Pooh once Lauren came into our lives. Back to the Future was also a very popular movie that could be found in the video stash.

But one video that I will never forget, and what introduced me to my love of dance, was Michael Jackson’s “Bad” music video.

Why does a 60-plus-year-old-woman have a Michael Jackson video in her stash of great movies?

Well… my only guess is that my aunt Sally was a fan.

Or my Grams was a closet MJ fan! 🙂

I bring this up only because of the recent news of the death of the King of Pop.

I assume that to many, this is like the death of John Lennon. Though I’m not shedding any tears, it is very sad. He was most definitely a pop icon and after listening to a majority of his songs on the radio last night and this morning, there is not one song that I did not love!

So, I must thank my Grams (or my aunt Sally) for having that video in her stash of movies. If not for her, I might not have realized my love for dancing… and for red leather jackets, loafers and a single glitter glove.

For your viewing pleasure –> Michael Jackson’s music video, “Bad”



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2 responses to “Triggering Memories

  1. Lori

    Memories. Talking about games…. did you know that there is a “Settlers” for “kids”? Might have to be a b-day present for Daniel Come visit soon.

  2. Aunt Sally

    Thank you Allyson for remembering your Grams and Papps. They loved you so much and loved spending time with you. And yes, that was my Bad video! I loved MJ! Abby and I watched it and Abby said “Isn’t that the I’m Fat video!” No, I said, this is the original! Kids…..

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