New Roommate

Matt and I have a new roommate for the summer. We really thought about this before making the decision to ask this person to move in… could we handle an extra person in our humble abode? Did we have enough room for another person’s stuff? Will this person tear apart our newlywed bliss?

Yes. Barely. And no.

Lauren, my 20-year-old sister, has moved in!

New Roomie

New Roomie

We actually didn’t ask ourselves any of those questions before asking Lauren to move in with us. I basically told Matt I was going to ask her to move in and that was that!

It definitely took her until the early days of May to make a decision as to if she would stay in Sedan or move to Wichita for the summer. From my parent’s perspective, there was not decision to be made because she was NOT living in Sedan for the summer.

Now, they said this with love. It was not that they didn’t want their youngest child, the baby of the family, to not be in Sedan with them so they could feed her Pringles and Spaghettio’s and fill her up with as much Dr. Pepper as she could possibly drink.

No, no, no… It was because there are no jobs in Sedan unless you want to be a lifeguard (which she has done) or work at the restaurant  (which she has done). They also didn’t want to spend their entire summer paycheck on Lauren’s junk-food habit/addiction.

So they sent her to Wichita (by the way, on Sunday, I purchased three cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli, a can of sour cream-and-onion Pringles and a case of Dr. Pepper — by Wednesday evening, we were down to only 1/4 left in the Pringles can and maybe 4 DP’s!).

Unfortunately for Lauren, she never really grew up with a big sister. She basically grew up with two moms. I seriously don’t know where I got it from, but I’m way better at staying on her about school, jobs, picking up after herself, cleaning, etc., than I am to just being a cool big sister.

As soon as Lauren moved in on Monday, out came Mom Allyson. 

“Have you called the guy back about the job?” “Did you turn in your application to Granite City?” “Lauren, you have to completely close the dryer door for it to start so no, it’s not broken!” “I take it that since your car hasn’t moved an inch from when I left this morning, you haven’t left the house today?”

The usual response to these questions is “Yessss… gahhh.” “Uhh, nooo… .”

My hope is that after filling out 10+ job applications, someone will be calling her soon to do something, anything.

I’m not sure if my checkbook can handle two months of Pringle’s, Macaroni and Cheese, peanut butter and Dr. Pepper purchased on a weekly basis. 🙂

But we are excited to have her… I feel like the mood in our house is a little more bubbly – I love that I have a female sidekick in the house!

And I guess if worse comes to worse, she’ll accept Matt’s offer of a nickel for every piece of poo she picks up in the backyard, thanks to Wrigley and Bob, even though she tried to negotiate to $5.

Let’s hope she can put those skills to use when the real job comes along!


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  1. Great reading and fun to see–don’t know if this is going where it should go but what the heck–we have an excuse –we are out of date seniors..keep up the good were the cupcakes?

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