Prepping for ‘New Moon’

I’ve never been a big MTV Movie Awards fan… either because a) I’m too much of a snot and prefer the glam Oscars or b)I have no good reason except that I just don’t enjoy it.

BUT… for the first time in the life of Allyson, I watched the show.

Well… maybe I DVR’d it instead. But still…

I did this for one reason and one reason only. The first trailer of ‘New Moon’ – the second book, turned movie, in the ever-so-wonderful Twilight series – was being previewed at the show and introduced by Kristen Stewart (aka Bella), Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob) and the most beautiful Quidditch player (aka Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter) and vampire alive, Rob Pattinson (aka Edward). So, ofcourse, this had to be taped.

‘Twilight’ ran away with every possible award handed out at the show last night… like I have said before, the books are 50 times better than the movie, but if you want some nice eye candy, watch the movie!

Here is the preview for ‘New Moon’ – Jenna, ofcourse, will love this movie since it will feature alot more of Jacob and alot less Edward. For some reason, she prefers a hairy werewolf to a gorgeous, blood-drinking vampire.

I’ll never understand…


Sidenote: Matt and I watched ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ last night. So far, all of the Oscar-nominated movies that I have seen are 0-3… I could have done without ‘Changeling’ (and if you’re a mom, I recommend you do NOT watch it), ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ was just… very random, and ‘Slumdog’ had to many parts that made me turn my head or want to throw up. When will movies like ‘Bride Wars’, ‘The Proposal’, or ‘Harry Potter’ get nominated?! I can handle those movies!



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2 responses to “Prepping for ‘New Moon’

  1. Jenna

    Maybe I can watch this one in the theater instead of on my computer: I love me some Jacob! 😀

    Are you ready for “My Sister’s Keeper?”

  2. Abby :)

    Well I’m not to excited about the movie..Im scared i might cry..Knowing me and how attachted i am to the Twilght series lol so if u see a girl with a klene nex box with her in the movies you’ll know who it is 🙂

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