A Weekend in Abe’s Country

I love my weekends. I love them because it usually means I’m not at work. I sometimes wish that I lived somewhere in Europe where it is mandatory to take like two months vacation every year! That way, I could get in all of the things I need to do on the weekends, and still have time to do the thing I love to do… which is lay around and be a complete bum! This past weekend was not one of those weekends.
We ventured to Illinois Friday morning to be at Matt’s grandpa Doc’s memorial service (he passed away a few years ago, but they had not buried him yet as he donated his body to science). It was a good crowd for a 5-minute service… and ofcourse, I cried. Surprise, surprise!

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing bags and washers (which I got better at BOTH games), eating, drinking and telling stories.

Clark Christmas Boozer Pic 2009

Clark Christmas Boozer Pic 2009

We also were entertained the entire weekend by Matt’s two-year-old cousin, Luke.

'Da Bears

'Da Bears

And Matt’s 23-year-old cousin, Andrew.

Luke's Uncle

Luke's Uncle

Matt’s cousin, Jen, and I spent most of Sunday afternoon out on the back porch reading our books. We found out that we have alot more in common that once thought.

Jen is a reality TV junkie, as am I. Jen is reading Tori Spelling’s first book (though is trying to hide it from people!) and I have always WANTED to read that book. We also are both desperately wanting Saturn Outlook’s (but know it probably won’t be happening anytime soon!).

She is due with baby No. 2 (though you would NEVER be able to tell by looking at her – the girl is tall and lean and I look like a mushroom compared to her!) in November… I told her I will be following her around at Christmas since the baby will be here by then. Jen is completely OK with that! 🙂

Lastly, I want to thank my friend Erin. I posted this picture of Luke (see below) on Facebook and she sent me a message, saying that she thinks my child will look alot more like Luke, rather than the “shit head” that the computer dreamt up for me.



Thanks for making my day, Erin!

PS. Favorite new beer – Stevens Point Beer … delish!

PPS. Check out cousin Meg’s blog… new pics of Sam & Stella!


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  1. Jenna

    I’m so sure Matt is the only one not drinking in that picture!

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