Growing Up…

My brother paid Matt and I a visit last night on leg 1 of his three-leg journey to Austin, Texas.

Jord is moving for the summer/indefinitely next weekend to begin work on a turf management/golf internship with a golf course in A-Town. The hope is that this will turn into a full-time gig… all fingers (on all family members hands and toes) are crossed!

He will be moving in with my cousins (Meg, Nate, Stella and coming soon, baby Sam!) for a bit until he gets his feet on the ground and finds a place of his own. Let us not forget that my brother is not alone in this endeavour… nor will he ever be alone again.

Because he has Bob.



The biggest issue with Bob (though there are many!) is that taking him to Austin to Meg’s house, when she will have her hands full with a 1-year-old, a newborn, a husband and an A-Town newbie, just brings too much to the Little household.

Therefore, Bob will not be venturing to Austin… just yet. He will be hanging back in Kansas with Matt, Wrigley and I.

I don’t have issues with this because I do love my nephew dog. I usually find myself kealed over from laughter whenever he is around. Wrigley likes Bob more than Cooper because Coop dog has too much energy, while Bob will chase and chase and chase… then poop out and lay on the ground for the next two hours!

The biggest problems are these:

  • Bob has never had to sleep anywhere other than on his master’s bed or bedroom floor and living with us, he will be confined to the comforts of his bed in the garage with Wrigley.
  • Bob is afraid of the dark, which poses a problem for night time in the garage – we put a night light out there for him last night… but we still heard the howling.
  • And lastly, the howling… though funny at first, the constant howl because he is not getting his way will not settle well with my husband. My only hope that this is something we will be able to move past after a few weeks… again, crossing fingers.

Anyway, we gladly will take Bob in to our home… as long as we know that at some point, he will be returning to his owner.

Jord is very excited about the chance to venture out of Kansas and test his knowledge somewhere other than the Wamego Golf Course.

I am unbelievably proud of him and in some ways, very jealous of him as well. I believe I’m too much of a scaredy cat to venture too far from the Kansas border – Tulsa seemed to be as far away as I could get and even then, it was still too far away. 🙂

He has worked very hard for this opportunity though and I know, without a doubt, that his hardwork will pay off in the end.

As always, I’m also very, very sad that he will be going so far away. My weekends during the fall these past few years have involved traveling to Manhattan, meeting my brother and Trey at the football stadium as they prepared for yet another glorious tailgate. Unfortunately, the couple will both part ways as Trey moves to Wichita and Jord goes South… Which leaves the rest of us with questions as to what the heck do we do now?! Are tailgates even allowed without Jord and Trey’s expertise to guide us along?!

Jord will make his way to Sedan today after we meet him for lunch and then head to Austin this weekend to celebrate Memorial Weekend at my aunt and uncle’s lakehouse… or at the hospital (seriously, Meg is about to pop with baby boy!). Either way, I will shed lots of tears.

Happy tears because he (as are the rest of us!) is so excited for this next part in his life, sad tears for myself because this is the farthest apart my family has ever been from each other and just tears because I’m a crier. It’s what I do.

So… in honor of my brother and this next big step, a collage of his growing up years.

Always the shepherd, never Joseph...

Always the shepherd, never Joseph...

When life was easy...

When life was easy...

The College Years

The College Years

Always the life of the party

Always the life of the party

Jord, I am so proud of you and love you with all my heart. Enjoy Texas, the heat, Aunt Sherron’s goolash (get her to make that EVERY time she is in Austin!), Meg’s cats (HA!), Stella, Sam, soak in some of Nate’s genius knowledge, stay away from the bad drivers, don’t talk to strangers, lock your door….

OK… here comes the mothering side. I’ll stop for now… and just wait until Lauren comes to live with us soon to pour all of the mothering onto her! 🙂

Last parting shot … and it’s so fitting:

Who knew?!

Who knew?!



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3 responses to “Growing Up…

  1. Jenna

    Oh, so many tears … Jord, I also love you with all my heart and will miss you greatly. It makes me sad to think you and Trey will no longer be living together (after ?? years!) but I am also very excited for both of you!
    Al: all I have to say, besides great post, is you are such a wonderful sister — good luck with Bob! He should fit right in!

  2. Aunt Sally

    Thanks Allyson for a great post and good cry! The Newton’s love you too Jord!! Best of luck 🙂

  3. Megan Little

    you are such a sweet sis, ally!!! and you will be both happy and sad to know jordy has already had the pleasure of consuming mass quantities of goulash 🙂

    love you!

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