I finally crossed off one of those tasks on my Bucket List (OK, so MAYBE meeting Pat Green wasn’t something I had to do before I died… but why the hell not, right?!).

Matt and I met Pat Green!

My new BFF

My new BFF

PS. He is a HUGE man. And by huge, I mean I’m pretty sure he could have squeezed the life out of me if we ever hugged… not that I had been thinking about that.

I had contemplated telling my new best friend that my cousin Seth wanted to inform him that he was good, but not as good as Robert Earl Keen.

I decided that since this was only my inital meeting with my new best friend, I should hold off until we learned each other’s middle names and exchanged e-mail addresses.

I did take a picture with me to have my new best friend sign. It was from our wedding… one of my favorite pictures of Matthew and I dancing…

First Dance to my new best friend's song

First Dance to my new best friend's song

Since I’m not a big autograph collecter, I thought that having him sign the picture of us dancing to his song would be kind of fun.

So… as I got closer to my new best friend, I thought to myself, “Is this corny?” But Celia (who you saw in my picture with Everlife, the one who joined the tie-dye gang) told me I HAD to have him sign it!

We finally got our turn and stepped up to take shake hands, take pictures, etc. My new best friend was alot quieter than what I expected. But after his show was complete, I realized it was because he saves his energy for the stage!

Rowdy best friend

Rowdy best friend

Anyway, as I told my new best friend what the picture was from and why he was signing it, Matt was trying to chit chat with him (NBF had nothing to do with him pretty much as you can see from the picture … 🙂 ).

Pat Green: "What is this moran saying?" Matt: Blah, blah, blah (literally)

Pat Green: "What is this moran saying?" Matt: Blah, blah, blah (literally)

It took him ATLEAST 30 seconds to try and find something to write on it (this was the most time he spent with ANYYONE!) and when he was finished, our picture read “3 Days!!! Love You Out of Control – Pat Green”, meaning the name of the song we danced to “3 Days” and lyrics from the song…

Seriously, how special am I with my new best friend?!

Final notes: Concert was AWESOME! Eli Young Band played first (wonderful) and Pat followed… I could listen to him play every day – he knows how to put on a concert, that’s for sure! Crowd of 9-10,000…

Crowd Shot 1

Crowd Shot 1

Crowd Shot 2

Crowd Shot 2

Crowd Shot 3

Crowd Shot 3



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5 responses to “F-U-N

  1. Well, Jenna, looks like you’ve been replaced!

    Glad everything went so well, Al!! And now it’s over, and you can relax!

  2. Jenna

    Ah well, I can’t blame her 🙂
    Love the pics and love Wichita!

  3. Megan Little

    Good thing you didn’t tell him what Seth said, or he might not be your b.f.f! HEE!

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