The Joy of Fridays

It’s quite amazing what this day of the week does to a person. I could have had the worst week known to mankind, but still would walk with a little pep in my step if it was Friday. 

Even if it was raining/sleeting/snowing/tornadoing outside, I would still prance down the hallways of work with a smile on my face because it was Friday.

As the Festival nears closer and closer, my initial thought would be that life would become even more crazy than it has been the past three months. Lots of little things that need to be taken care of, sponsors to please, phone calls to make.

And although I know that the next two weeks will keep me busy, I still had an entire week of just being happy. My office roommate and 5 a.m. cycling buddy and I decided it must be the weather. 

But not today.

Today was because it was Friday. We were laughing all morning, she was e-mailing me advertisements about the iPhone (since I will be purchasing one for GOOD next Thursday!) and we him-hawed around the work that probably needed to be done, but couldn’t be done because gosh darnit, it’s Friday.

I hope that you are all able to enjoy your Fridays as much as me… Cheers to the last Friday in April! 

Cheers to a great weekend! (This is what I WISH I was doing!)

Cheers to a great weekend! (This is what I WISH I was doing!)

*** And here’s a plug for Riverfest: If you are planning on attending the Festival and have not yet picked up your button, they are at all QuikTrip, Walgreens and Wal-Mart locations in Wichita… only $5 for nine days of pure bliss (and one night of WONDERFUL with the Eli Young Band and my soon-to-be BFF Pat Green).



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2 responses to “The Joy of Fridays

  1. Tessa

    We’ll be at that concert!

  2. Jenna

    I’m so glad you’re happy! 🙂

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