Easter Outfits

I always had one! When I was younger, my siblings and I always matched and as I got older, we didn’t have to match as much as we still needed to look nice.

Hence we always got new Easter outfits.

This all made complete sense to me… until last weekend when I announced to my husband that we needed to go shopping for new Easter clothes.

“What? Easter clothes? Allyson, you’re 26-years-0ld.”

So what?

Doesn’t everyone get Easter outfits?

This is when I was rudely awakened from my own dream world that I have been living in for apparently the past 26 years. I guess not everyone gets new clothes for Easter.

What kind of world are we living in when you can’t get a new hat, new shirt or even a new belt for Easter?!

I bring this up because although I told my husband about the new Easter clothes, repeatedly inferred that we needed to go shopping for said Easter clothes and almost begged for new Easter clothes, I never made it to a store to go search for THE outfit.

So last night, I started digging through my stuff to find something suitable to wear to church… something that would not show off how hideously white my legs are (which I still don’t understand why I’m taking a white skirt home – white skirt/white legs = bad news).

I pulled out a green sweater to add to my pile of ‘maybe’s’ to take home with me. And what I realized was that this sweater was a sweater I had worn for Easter once before.

Reusing the green Easter sweater...

Reusing the green Easter sweater...

So… I might not have gotten my way this year with the Easter outfits… but I guarantee you that I will not be wearing this green sweater next year. It seems almost sacreligious to me.

Yes… next year will be different.



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3 responses to “Easter Outfits

  1. Aunt Sally

    I love the Easter pic!! I just want to say that Abby did have a new Easter dress on but changed right when we got to your house:) Seems like many years ago!!

  2. Ashley

    We used to go easter clothes shopping as kids too! I miss those days!

  3. Erin

    My Easter basket from my mom this year was new shoes. Turns out, never too old.

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