That time of year…


It seems that ever-so-often on my blog, I like to reiterate to all my blog readers how much I miss my friends. It seems as if it is that time of year again…

I enjoy my alone time. Living by myself never bothered me. When I lived with six other girls, finding me in my room with the door 3/4-closed was not unusual. I just like “Allyson time”.

But then there are those moments when I am completely bummed to be alone. Geez, I sound like the most sad person in the world!

Don’t get me wrong! I love my husband – he is one of my best friends and I love his company! But I miss my girlfriends.

Last night, we went over to one of Matt’s buddy’s house to watch the most boring National Championship game ever. The wives of the guys are usually always there, too, but usually not found watching the game… Usually talking about work, or the newest baby, etc. I really enjoy these girls, but when sports are on, I usually am not Chatty Cathy and am fully tuned into the tube. But like I said, since last night’s game bored me to death, I tried to join in on the conversations.

I jumped in on Twilight because … well … I love Twilight and feel like I can actually offer something to the conversation! But other than that, I was out. Most of these girls went to high school together or their husbands went to school together so they have known each other for awhile and hang out on a regular basis.

Then there is me.

I said a long time ago that I was done making new friends. Let me explain…

I went through high school with wonderful friends. I went to K-State, joined a sorority and came out with another wonderful plethora of friends. After awhile, it’s like… I have enough wonderful friends to last me a lifetime. Can I stop now (I sound AWFUL, I know mom!)?!

The bad thing for me is that these wonderful friends live nowhere near me (except wonderful Nic). They all live in KC, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, etc. No one (except wonderful Nic) lives in Wichita.

So what I should be doing is trying very hard to be good friends with these Matt’s friends wives, right?

Or I can just mope around in self-pity, loathing the fact that all of my wonderful friends that I have made… live nowhere near me (except Nic).

So to my wonderful friends, you know who you are … I miss you all. I want to have Girls Nights and Book Clubs and Club Chica’s (my coworker Celia is in this club – I would love to join, but I don’t have any ‘chica’ in me… not even 1/16th) with you all!

Is there a Help group for people like me?



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5 responses to “That time of year…

  1. Edwin

    Sounds like its time for you to pop out some little Matts and Allysons. Pop, pop!

  2. Lori

    You need to have one of your favorite couple of Matt’s friends over for dinner a few times that way you and that wife can find more in common with each other and she might help you feel more welcome. You are a wonderful person with such a sparky personality. I can’t image anyone not wanting to be friends with you. Does Matt know how you feel? On another note – any plans for May 2nd?

  3. Your forgot Florida/Chicago as a place(s) your friend lives…. it’ll make you seem more cool…. 😉
    and I miss you tons too!!!

  4. Jenna

    If there is a Help group, let me know … sometimes I wonder if I am friendless in this state because I am so uncool … or are my standards just too high? (I prefer to believe the second, of course.)

    Funny that I read this AFTER I texted you to make SURE I would get to see you this weekend. I miss my friends too!!

  5. Aww, miss you, Al! At least we have e-mail, right? 🙂 Good thing Nic is in Wichita so you guys can hang out all the time…oh wait…

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