Kansas: Sweating one minute, frozen sweat the next…


Downtown Wichita, before the snow came...

Downtown Wichita, before the snow came...

The title gives it all away. 

As soon as we were all getting used to the beautiful, sunny spring days, Mother Nature decided that NOW was a great time for their to be a blizzard. Not in December when everyone is praying for a White Christmas or in January when everyone is crossing fingers for no school or to get to leave work early. 

Nope. It happens six days after the official first day of spring.

This morning I woke up to clouds. By Noon, it was raining ice, then stopped. Restarted at 2:30 and continued. At 4:00 pm, my boss came in to say we could all head home… Too bad I still had a million things left to do! I head home a little before 5, when the sleet returned. And then in the middle of the boring Syracuse-Oklahoma game, the snow came. 

Big time.

Our lawn is covered in white as we speak and apparently we are on track to receive 6-16 inches of snow. 

Don’t worry, though! It will return to spring-like conditions on Monday. 

Mid-70’s, clear, sunny skies… and eight inches of snow on the ground. 

I love Kansas!


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