Hangin’ Tough with NKOTB

As you all are well aware of, I love boy bands. I am not afraid to admit it – it was a huge part of my past (see: Hanson) and to this day, I still love it! Maybe not AS infatuated as I was in my younger years, but still hold a place for them in my heart…

The first concert that I ever attended was New Kids on the Block in Oklahoma City with my my pal Erin and her mom at the ripe age of nine. Erin, being the cool cat that she was, had New Kids on the Block stencils (ofcourse she did!) so days before our trek to OKC, we made posters, using the stencils – mine outlining Joey, beaitful, beautiful Joey McIntyre.

"Please don't go, Allyson... You'll be ruinin' my whole world..."

"Please don't go, Allyson... You'll be ruinin' my whole world..."

Needless to say, we enjoyed the concert (though our signs that we worked ever so hard on were asked to be taken down) and every concert I have ever attended, you can usually hear me saying, “Did you know the first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block?!”

When I heard New Kids were making a return, I definitely was excited. I watched them on the Today show and watched for tickets nearby so I could go see them. They were in KC at one point last year… and ofcourse Megan Beckman had tickets but didn’t know if she was going to go (WHAT?!!).

Luckily for me, they decided to make a trip to Tulsa, OK… and I was in! I called my mom as soon as I heard they were going to be there and asked if she wanted to go and she was on board.

So I left work early and drove to Sedan, met mom and off we went to Tulsa to relive my childhood. So many NKOTB 80’s-early 90’s dressed folk … old-school NKOTB shirts, side pony-tails, the works. I almost felt like I was betraying the band by wearing normal attire — my mom and I seemed to be one of a few who did not deck out in NKOTB garb!

We made our way to our seats… nosebleed central, with beers in hand (strange to be drinking at this event, but added to the fun). Jabbawockeez (who won ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ on MTV last year) performed, which was entertaining – what was not entertaining was the four girls who sat behind us screeching/screaming for this group. Seriously? Is there really a need for that?

Once Jabbawockeez finished up, one of the ushers came and told our group in the nosebleed section that if we wanted to move to sections 111 and 120, we could. Heck yes, we were moving! Get out of my way, lady!

Once we got to these seats, I couldn’t believe it… We were literally RIGHT next to the stage. Holy moly. The downside to this was that I didn’t bring my camera. Why, oh why, you ask, would I not take my camera? WELL… it specifically stated on our tickets “NO CAMERA’s”. So I specifically followed the rules, only to walk and see EVERYONE else with cameras! Why me!

I tried to take some on the Blackberry, but they did not turn out very well, which is why I’m stealing pictures from Flickr.


We. Are. Here.

We. Are. Here.

My uncle Kevin would have been so proud!

My uncle Kevin would have been so proud!

Such a boy band!

Such a boy band!

So… all in all, it was a great time! I LOVED listening to their old stuff and will definitely be purchasing their new album. I just thought it was all hysterical! And the great part was that they really didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously … they were laughing and joking the whole time with each other. The only time I was concerned was when they let Jordan Knight sing a solo with his shirt unbuttoned and blowing in the wind… Strange.

They also played clips from their old music videos and I just about died… My cousin Megan gave me some of her New Kids videos when I was younger and I used to watch them ALL the time and these were all on the video. Ahh, sweet, sweet memories!

I found a few videos on You Tube this morning from the  concert last night… Please enjoy as much as I did.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



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3 responses to “Hangin’ Tough with NKOTB

  1. Jenna

    You are doing well with the concerts lately … how fun!!

  2. For the record…. I didn’t HAVE tickets….but my friend bought extra so I could have gone….but of course, I was out of town. 🙂

    I will be attending Britney on April 2nd however!

  3. I did not deck out in 80s gear either but what a great concert!

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