ORU Reunion Weekend


Rich, me and Cliff

Rich, me and Cliff

Eight months later, I ventured back to Tulsa with Matt in tow to participate in the first-ever ORU Reunion Weekend. Cliff drove up from Dallas, I drove down from Wichita… and Rich just stayed where he was because he was the only one of us to stay in Tulsa at ORU. 

Matt and I drove down Saturday morning and went straight to the Mabee Center for the women’s game. Apparently during the Monday morning staff meeting that occurs in the media relations office every week, Cliff was volunteered to call stats at the women’s game. And that’s where we found him – shaggy long hair and all, sitting next to one our student assistants from last year, calling stats during the women’s game. 

After the game, we stopped and said hi to lots of former coworkers, had some laughs and then stopped in to see the women’s coaching staff before we went to dinner. I had asked Misti, the women’s assistant coach, if when they traveled to Vegas and were shopping at Caesar’s Palace, she would stop and pick up a scarf for me – we had bought scarfs at this little kiosk last year for $10. And she had remembered! Super happy was I! 

Cliff, Matt and I went off to dinner at Red Robin, had a few brewsky’s and then went to the game – definitely strange to drink alcohol before an ORU game since drinking is against the honor code at ORU! Watched an entirely too long game filled with an excessant amount of timeouts and then met up an a bar in Jenks.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone who participated in the evening had an entertaining time. In fact, Rich taught how to moonwalk by the end of the night. It was a great time and it was great to get to Tulsa to see everyone again! 

Though my time at ORU was short, I was lucky enough to make wonderful friends who will be dear to my heart for my entire life.

Thanks for a glorious weekend, friends! ORU Reunion Weekend: Season 2 returns in 2010.


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  1. Ashley

    Do I get to do the reunion next year if I leave here or am I not cool enough for that era! It was good to see you!

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