Saying Thanks and… What?!

Matt, Coach Davis and Michael

Matt, Coach Davis and Michael

Last night, Matt and I ventured back to Sedan for the Sedan-Caney regular-season finale basketball games. Besides Caney being the hated rival, this night was to honor Coach Les Davis’s induction into the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) Hall of Fame.

Coach Davis coached at Sedan for 37 years… he coached my dad, my uncles, my brother, Matt, Michael as well as hundreds of other young men. He touched many lives and I was glad that Matt and I, especially Matt, could be there to thank Coach Davis for all that he did for him.

They had rigged up quite the aparatus to play a video that had been made for Coach Davis when he retired a few years back. I had never seen the video, but loved it! So many old faces and great pictures! And a great tribute to what Coach Davis has accomplished!

Coach Davis accepting his award from a KSHSAA big wig...

Coach Davis accepting his award from a KSHSAA big wig...

And then followed the Sedan boys beating the Caney boys … such a delight to see! Also a delight to see one of my classmates, who is now an assistant basketball coach at Caney, sitting there with his hand cupped under his chin — basically making no movements, saying nothing. Very un-Bret like! He must have known the beat down that was about to take place courtesy of his alma mater (this is a slight exaggeration!).

So the night went well… Matt also got to meet Cooper, Michael’s new dog, for the first time. Wow… it was like he had gottend married again, you should have seen the enthusiasm in his face (ha!). Basically, it was decided immediately after we left that once we move out of our house and get settled in a new one (wherever that may be), we will look into getting another dog so Mr. Wriggles has a buddy.

The bad part was having to turn around and get up at 6 a.m. to head back to Wichita… while I have the luxury of not having to be at work until 9, Matt has to be in at 8. SO, it was an early morning!

After I had been at work for close to five minutes, Sherri, my office roommate, asked if I had seen Yahoo! this morning. She told me to get on and look at the picture on the front page… So I followed the instructions and low and behold, found this article. 

VERY interesting… but I can only hope that Taylor has not deserted his brothers and deserted one of the greatest boy bands to walk the earth.

Who’s with me?! (No need to comment on this.)

PS. Matt and I are going to Houston in a few weeks! Can’t wait to see the chilluns… and their parents… and their grandparents! 🙂


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  1. Jenna

    Are you sure it was Bret?! Wish I could have been there. Did you get any pics of the “apparatus?” My mom told me about it; sounds impressive.
    Good for you guys, that will be such a fun trip!

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