Happy Lent

Today is the day I give up something for 40 days until Easter. Yes folks, it is the beginning of Lent!

This season of Lent, I intend to give up candy. I wasn’t a huge candy person until I started working at the Festival office, where now I crave chocolate and Reeses Pieces on a regular basis. Candy seems to bring happiness in times of chaos!

So my thinking is… If Noah can go 40 days and 40 nights with rain, while in an ark surrounded by a plethora of smelly animals, surely I can give up candy, right?

My brother sent me a text around 10:30 pm last night to ask me what I was giving up. Here’s how the conversation went:

Jordan: “What are you giving up for Lent?”

Allyson: “Candy… You?”

Jordan: “Going to give pop a try. I talked to Lauren earlier and she said she was going to Dairy Queen for the last time (because she was giving it up for Lent).  But she never goes there. CHEATER!”

My sister has never been the best at ‘giving things up’ for Lent. One year, I remember her saying that she gave up candy… and literally five minutes later, she was downing some Skittles. So I suppose that this year she is trying to find something that she doesn’t have an extreme tie to so she doesn’t slip up!

My best friend, who grew up Baptist, decided one year that she would give something up for Lent with me… even though it wasn’t something she had done before. What a good friend! I do believe that she has continued to give something to this day… Jenna, what will it be this year?

So to my all my Lenten Homies out there, best of luck to you on your endeavours this season of Lent.



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4 responses to “Happy Lent

  1. Ashley

    I should be trying to give up caffeine since I’m an addict who goes to starbucks everyday. They know me by name, what time I’m coming in and what I’m ordering. I’m so happy to be Presbyterian and to not have to try and give that up because I wouldn’t be able to make it!

  2. Our pastor told us Sunday that we need to give something up…I’m Methodist, and I’ve never done that before! I haven’t come up with anything yet, though…plus, everything I’ve thought of is something I’ve already done today (coffee, soda, chocolate…).

  3. Lori

    I’m doing the chocolate thing. Already fighting the cravings. Just had vanilla ice cream with peanuts on it, PEANUTS!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing. It’s just not the same without Hershey syrup.

  4. Erin

    I gave up bad language…I know; I was turning into a Yankee or something. I took on exercise. Do you guys take something on too? I am bad about the every day thing. No more!

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