Previews Aren’t So Bad…


Old Town Warren Theatre

Old Town Warren Theatre

Matt and I ventured downtown last night to the Old Town Warren Theatre. I love this theatre because a) you can get food and booze ordered and taken directly to your seat in the theatre and b) you can get food and booze ordered and taken directly to your seat! 🙂 

We had attempted another theatre for an 8:15 showing, but the movie was sold out, so off we went downtown. We decided to go get seats immediately for the 10 pm showing just in case the theatre was packed like the previous theatre. We grabbed our menu and ran in to the theatre… only to find that we were the first ones to arrive! Yes, we were 30 minutes early, BUT we got the best seats in the house! 

Plus we got our food and drinks ordered and brought right to our seats… early! 

The movie we went to see was ‘He’s Just Not that Into You’, which opened on Friday. The movie was great! It reminded me of ‘Love Actually’ only because they jump around to different characters that all have ties to one another some how. 

Besides the movie being great and worth the $9/person per ticket, one of the best parts of being at the theatre (besides the food and beverages being delivered to your seat!) were the previews! 

Seriously, I remember trying to get to the movie AFTER the previews because they were a waste of my time! Now, they are awesome! 

For example, one of the movies coming out is ‘All About Steve’ with Sandra Bullock. Oh. My. Gosh. I couldn’t stop laughing… seriously, I was “that” girl that was laughing after the preview was over and while everyone else was in complete silence! 

Here is the ‘All About Steve‘ trailer… Please laugh and enjoy! 

The other preview was for a new Matthew McConaughey movie, which always is a chick flick. Matthew does not disappoint again and this one looks cute as well! Here is the trailer for ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’

And last, but definitely not least was truly magnificent preview for one of two of my favorite book series ever… Yes people, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrives in movie theatres in July. Siblings Hills will converge on Wichita and the Old Town Warren Theatre, where we will partake in the food and beverage delivery to our seats, and enjoy the sixth of seven Harry Potter films. Prepare yourself for this trailer… 



Notice Ron Weasley, my favorite character, on the left. He is SO my brother. 🙂

I hope that you enjoy these movie previews as much as I did.



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3 responses to “Previews Aren’t So Bad…

  1. Ashley

    I cannot wait to see He’s Just Not That Into You next Friday!! And I’m hoping your other favorite book series was Twilight! Because those two are my favorite as well. We’re in Oakland now and we’re going shopping tomorrow morning. They also went shopping yesterday after the game and had a three practice today. It was insane!

  2. Aunt Sally

    Enjoyed the previews! Thanks

  3. Erin

    We just got a Warren Theatre! I LOVE it! I dig the booze.

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