Not OK.

Not OK.

Yesterday morning as I was driving to work, I happened to pull up behind a Toyota Prius. The driver was a mother of a Temple University student (she had a sticker on the back of her car that I had to stare at while at the stoplight).

I caught her checking herself out in her mirror a couple of times while sitting at the stoplight and soon realized what she was doing… She was adjusting her scrunchy!

Yes, folks… she was trying to spice up her look with a scrunchy!

At first I thought to myself, “Oh, she must just be running an errand (not that it makes the wearing of the scrunchy any better… but still)!” But no, I truly think she was out-and-about for the day… wearing a scrunchy.

Listen people, I do not qualify myself as a fashion guru. Nor will I deny that I don’t go out in public wearing sweats and a t-shirt (which goes against ALL ‘What Not to Wear’ rules). I will also not deny that I wore scrunchies.

1996. Scrunchies OK.

2009. Scrunchies not OK.

I do remember those days when scrunchies were ‘in’. I was definitely in junior high because I distinctly remember the white and black pieces that I owned. They went perfect with my super-cool black Nike high tops that I purchased for basketball.

Speaking of, I noticed at my cousin’s junior high basketball game that black tennis shoes are coming back in style. Those shoes were a horrible idea for moi… made my legs look 10 times wider than they actually were! I hate that my tall, beautiful 7th grade cousin can pull off the coolness of black high tops while my short, stubby 7th grade self had fat legs because of them! Wow, that’s an entirely different blog post!

Black shoes. Skinny legs.

Black shoes. Skinny legs.

So the moral of this post is do not wear scrunchies. If you remember Carrie Bradshaw telling Burger that she couldn’t believe that he had his leading lady in his book running around the streets of Manhattan wearing a scrunchy, you need to have those words in the back of your head when you are searching for something to tie your hair back with.


What Would Carrie Think.



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3 responses to “Scrunchy-tastic

  1. Jenna

    Amen sister!

  2. Ashley

    OMG, I just saw the episode of Sex And The City. That episode was hilarious and no scrunchies are not back in style and I hope they never come back in style!

  3. Knowing how to sew really came in handy when scrunchies were in style. My sister and I used to make them in every shade. They matched our giant bangs. The early 90’s was really an unfortunate time for fashion…

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