The Man, The Myth, The Legend


The Legend We Never Knew

The Legend We Never Knew

My mom just called to tell me the sad news. 

Paige Cavanaugh passed away. 

Who is Paige Cavanaugh, you ask? 

Well… I never knew Paige personally, nor did any of the rest of my family members, but my Grandma Dean LOVED ‘ol Paige. Apparently, they grew up together in Columbus and Paige went off to become this amazing, famous piano player, while my grandma went off and had six children who went on to have 16 children of their own! 

I’d say both led equally fulfilling lives…

My grandma used to rant and rave about Paige… it became the running joke in our family since no one knew who he was! 

But my mom got a phone call from Aunt Collette a bit ago, who had called to tell her the news.

‘Ol Paige had passed on. 

I told mom that we should have sent flowers or something since he was basically family! 

So here is to Paige Cavanaugh… a man none of us knew, but a legend in our, and grandma’s, hearts anyway!


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One response to “The Man, The Myth, The Legend

  1. Aunt Sally

    I don’t know who this Paige guy is but I just knew your blog today would be about your wonderful Aunts 45th birthday!!!

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