Reliving the Good ‘Ol Days

Blue Devils

When I was in high school, I was a cheerleader (in case none of you knew that!). I loved it… It allowed me to be loud, dance (without people giving me strange looks), wear cute uniforms and cheer for cute boys (I also cheered for girls but not because they were cute – no discrimination at Sedan High School).

I loved cheering so much that I tried coaching it my senior year of college. That experience definitely was not what I had hoped it to be,  but somehow, it did not completely destroy my love for the world of cheerleading.

My mom was always apart of my love for cheer since she is the one that introduced me to the sport. She was the high school cheer sponsor from when I was five-years-old until… well, for a long time. I was constantly around it and had dreams of being just like those girls — big hair, big bangs and all! 

Once I was in junior high and high school, my mom rejoined the coaching world and became my cheer coach when I got into high school. Though we did not see eye-to-eye all the time, I can’t really imagine her not being my coach.

“Don’t sing the words.” “You should have red marks on the sides of your legs from slapping them so hard.” “Point your toes.”

Now that I’m sitting here repeating the things that she drilled into my head over the years regarding cheerleading, it makes me laugh at how much I value her opinion.

Most girls probably would not wait to buy an outfit, a purse, a pair of shoes because they have to have their mother’s opinion. I think I am quite lucky in the fact that my mom has great taste and really knows what she is talking about!

WOW… sidetracked. Moving on… (But thanks mom!)

I started choreographing dances for my mom’s cheer squads when Lauren was in junior high. It was fun and allowed me an “in” to the cheer world still!

I even performed one of those dances on a Spring Break trip with my friends… Which has now become the infamous “Britney Spears ‘Toxic’ dance”. I want to thank all that supported me that “time” in Colorado and applauded me after performing the dance to a bar full of no one, but that got me a free beer!

Moving on… 🙂

I have once again decided to pull out my old dancing skills and choreograph a dance for the Sedan High School cheerleaders. Back in the day when I choreographed for the Sedan girls, I atleast knew a few of them because my sister was still in school.  I know a few of the current cheerleaders because I worked with them when they were in junior high.

But I am now officially old.

These girls were in elementary when I graduated high school. One of them was in the second grade class that I was a teacher’s aide for my senior year.

That was almost eight years ago!

So… before I went to the first practice last night, the agonizing question that I kept asking myself (and my mom, that I forced to come with me to the practice!) was, “Are these girls even going to take me seriously?”

“Who’s the old geezer with Mrs. Hills?”

I did address this concern with the girls before we began practicing the dance. Luckily, they all laughed, but got right up and were ready to learn!

We had a good time and I think they enjoyed the dance. I had to stop and take a few breathers and water breaks, but for the most part, I would call it successful.

They perform the dance on February 17 at halftime of the boy’s varsity game and I will be there… video camera and all, cheering them on!

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader…



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3 responses to “Reliving the Good ‘Ol Days

  1. I will NEVER forget the “Toxic” dance at the bar in Keystone. I hope to go to a bar with you soon so I can see you perform this new dance. I will buy you beer all night if you do!

  2. Lori

    So, you will come and judge my cheerleaders at tryout time? See you the 30th! Love, Auntie Lori.

  3. Jenna

    Ah, the good old days when I was behind the video camera!

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