8 Years… And alot of laughs!


I suppose once you get married, you should give up actually celebrating the anniversary of your dating years. I’m sure it’s probably quite easy for those that didn’t celebrate many anniversary’s pre-wedding years. 

But for me, it’s a hard thing to give up. I celebrated seven of those dating anniversary’s – or as Matt and I have always called them, “years of togetherness”. So tomorrow, January 16, I will probably still celebrate the fact that Matt and I have been together for eight years! 

Eight years! It seems like five minutes … And Matt would add, “Five minutes… under water!” Hilarious. 😐

Sometimes it really does seem like it was just yesterday, though! We have been through quite alot in those eight years… good, bad, funny, sad, boring, hilarious, tears of joy and tears of sadness. We made it through probably 10 engagements and 10 weddings (which actually doesn’t seem like too many!) before our own, five years of living in different cities, one year in separate states, my love for Joe Rheem and Matt’s jealousness of Joe Rheem, Matt’s love for basketball (he loved it so much he played for five years and got three degrees out of the deal!) and college life, eight different vehicles (Matt had five of those!), a difference in age (Matt being legal to go to bars, me trying to find a way to sneak into them), constant changing of plans (daily plans and life plans), the puppy stage to 3-year-old puppy stage, jobs and no jobs, money and no money, and alot of laughs!

Though tomorrow hits the five-month-married mark, I’m even more proud to say that we hit the 8-years-of-togetherness mark. These eight years are what led us to August 16… and I’m lucky to have someone that has stuck with me through it all!

Thanks for all the smiles, Matt! Can’t wait for the next eight…



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3 responses to “8 Years… And alot of laughs!

  1. Jenna

    Happy years of togetherness!

  2. So if you both live to at least 90, then you’ll have been together 72 years. 🙂 Now THAT is a long time!

    Not sure if we’ll see little A tonight. Jenny & Shawn are trading off baby-sitting w/friends so they actually get an adult night tonight! And you’re so weird for liking this weather.

  3. Aunt Sally

    Once you have children, you won’t be able to remember all those facts!!! So enjoy!!

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