jazzercise_redI was pretty proud of myself when it came to being physically prepared for our wedding. I worked out on a fairly normal basis, not trying to lose tons and tons of weight, but just trying to be a bit more tone. And luckily for me, I didn’t really give up many of my bad eating/drinking habits. Such as my addiction to pop, my love for macaroni and cheese and my favorite dessert of chocoloate chip ice cream.

But after the wedding, I kind of ‘threw in the towel’, so to speak, on the staying healthy and fit idea. It’s not that I thought, “Well, I’m married now. My husband is stuck with me through sickness and health, THICK and THIN (that line has always referred to body type, right?), etc. So putting on a little weight is no big deal to me!” Wait… Actually that is EXACTLY what I thought!

Five months later, I am thinking that,  though it has been fun to really not give a crap about working out or eating right, I should start to care a bit more. No, it’s not because of some New Year’s Resolution about losing weight or eating right (I stuck to working on ‘chilling out’ with the things in life that stress me out – unclean floors, unhung clothes, dishes in the sink, etc.). It is because for the last week and a half, I have just felt full. You know that feeling where it’s like you just ate the largest meal of your life, but really, you didn’t eat much if anything at all?

So because of this full effect, I decided to get my bootie in gear and start back down the healthy track! And I must thank Kara Kuehnel for her help.

Who is Kara Kuehnel, you ask? Kara is a volunteer for the finance committee at work and she was nominated to be our ‘Volunteer Spotlight’ – an article we write for our quarterly newsletter. I sent Kara some questions to answer about why she volunteers, blahblahblah and lastly, I asked her about her hobbies and what she does in her spare time. She responded back and I skimmed most of it, but my eyes immediately fell upon the words ‘Jazzercise’.

Well, if any of you remember correctly, I LOVE Jazzercise! I started taking the classes last year when I lived in Tulsa around the New Year. It’s basically aerobics, constant cardio, plus some weights and ab workout at the end. I love it – definitely was created by a former cheerleader!

Anyway, I told Kara about how much I loved Jazzercise and she told me she owns the facility on the northwest side of town (which is where I just happen to live!). After a few conversations, she basically gave me a deal I could not pass up so off I went last night to sign up for Jazzercise!

I took my first class last night and loved it! As usual, thank God for water breaks!

But I’m happy that I have rejoined the world of the healthy… Well, I say healthy. What I mean is I will work out, but I will continue to drink my pop, eat my macaroni and cheese and finish my evening with a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream.

I’ll work out, but I won’t give up the good things in life!



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2 responses to “Jazzercise-4-Life

  1. Steph

    Trust me, Al, the after-wedding-eat-what-you-want-&-don’t-exercise-enough syndrome happens to the best of us. You’ll find a happy medium…and I’ve never done Jazzercise, but it sounds fun!

  2. Tessa

    I used to attend Jazzercise at that location!

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