Things That Make you Feel Old(er)


My New Chair

My New Chair

There are many things in life that should make you feel like an adult: a college degree, the owning of car or house (or anything for that matter!), sitting at the adult table at family gatherings rather than the kids table (I prefer the kids table), marriage, etc.

I have done all of those things and yet still, have never been one to proclaim that I, Allyson Jane Hills (Clark), am a full-fledged adult. Until today.

I bought a chair! 

And not an old wooden chair from an antique shop that looks like its gone through hell and back and was only $32.53 (though I am still on the lookout for something like that!).

This was an actual chair from a furniture store! Or Dillard’s. 

I had to take back an IPod speaker that Patty got Matt and I for Christmas. We got quite a nice heap of change back on a gift card for it… so off I strolled to find what to buy. You see, when I get my hands on a gift card, very rarely do I put the gift card in my wallet and WAIT to find something that I really need. I immediately start browsing to buy something that maybe I don’t really need, but at the moment, can’t live without!

So… as I was strolling, I just happened to stroll back to the furniture department at Dillard’s. They were having a furniture clearance for all floor items. I meandered my way through the store and back in a corner, found the cutest chair ever… on sale! 

It was blue ticking stripe armchair originally priced at $599, but on sale for $249. Well… with my handy dandy gift card, I basically could buy the chair for $80! SOLD (almost!)!

Ofcourse, before purchasing, I had to weigh pro’s and con’s as well as call my husband to get his thoughts. He immediately said yes and told me to go buy it! SO that’s what I did! In total, I paid $116.51 for an adorable piece of furniture that I have no clue where it will go, but officially made me feel like I can proclaim to the world, “I, Allyson Jane Hills (Clark), am an adult.” 

Now… off to watch The Muppets!



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3 responses to “Things That Make you Feel Old(er)

  1. Just wanted to see how posting comments would work in this blog. I like the new chair! PS thanks for all your advice on track the other night!

  2. Jenna

    We had a long conversation and you didn’t tell me about the chair?! I LOVE it and it makes me want to go check the furniture clearance at Dillard’s! 🙂

  3. Aunt Sally

    Your chair is very cute. Remember when you got this excited about a cute pair of shoes? Thats when you know you are grown up!

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