Three things

Number 1: Being sick sucks. True, it sometimes does give you a day away from work, but when you feel like poo, it doesn’t really count as a day off. Matt and I celebrated the Clark Christmas by getting the Clark flu bug that made its rounds over the weekend. Patty first, followed by Steve, Chel, then Matt and myself. As of today, Michael has been the only healthy one… but I don’t know how much longer that can last!

Number 2: Prior to getting sick, the Clark Christmas was wonderful! Gramma Donna kept saying, “Oh my goodness, you all just did way too much”, which is always what I love to hear! I’m a giver, what can I say! Seeing smiles on peoples faces after you’ve given them something they didn’t expect but love, is pretty wonderful! Matt and I also loaded up — I got the entire ‘Twilight’ series, which made me very happy (even though I have already read them all – I started to re-read the first book again!). Steve got us the ‘Decade of Dominance’ DVD’s, which basically details the Bill Snyder era (part one), which will be fun to watch. I got some new sweaters from Patty and a gift card from Forever 21 from Michael and Chel (yessss!) and money from Gramma Donna and Grandad Jim. Donna just kept saying she’s never had to buy for girls so she though money was a good way to go (I concur, but her story of how she went to Dillard’s to get us Sarah Jessica Parker perfume was quite on track!).

Number 3: Lastly, I am considering switching blogs. I would not delete this one because it holds too many good stories for me to just destroy! I have attached the link for you just to browse (there isn’t anything on it yet but a picture and I might still do a new backdrop, but this is the jist of it!) — I am wanting your feedback because I’m not the one that reads this thing on a regular basis, I just write on it on a regular basis. I like the other blog because I can change the pictures on the blog header and it just looks more clean — me to a ‘T’! 🙂 Anywho, it’s just a thought. I’ll take votes though — yay or nay to a new blog!

Happy first full week of January, everyone!


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