Cold as…

Well, I don’t know what is this cold (maybe Edward Cullen’s hands… anyone read it yet?!). But it’s cold… And I’m one of the strange ones that absolutely LOVES it! And to top it all off, it started snowing last night and today, I woke up to an couple of inches of it everywhere!

Yes, it means a longer commute to work due to the slow driving and yes, it can lead to accidents… but it’s Christmas! There is suppose to be snow! I love it…

And if at any point in the day I feel like I need a boost, I will head to the front door and stare at the snow! This is why I can never live in a place there is only one season … hot.

Last night, I ventured out into the wild that is anywhere revolved around Christmas gifts. It was atleast five below outside at times, but I was in the stores sweating my face off! I walked into Forever 21 and just started throwing things over my shoulder (that place needs CARTS!) and almost asked the cashiers if I could leave my stuff on the counter!! 🙂 But I accomplished alot in 3.5 hours… I have a few more things to get and I will be done. Today though, I must get my cousin Connor’s gift in the mail so it gets to Virginia in time. The real question here is why am I doing this when Matt was the one that drew Connor’s name for our cousin Christmas??? Who knows…

Anywho, I hope everyone is staying warm and if you are getting snow, that you are enjoying it!

Lastly, welcome Stephanie Siders to the blogging world! I have complete faith in your ability to produce great reading material! 🙂


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